Michelle’s Book – Faithful

Ghost aren’t scary, but they are real. In Faithful, Michelle Murnin Paulson’s first memoir, she shares her journey of authenticity and spiritual mediumship. Even though, Michelle has been visited by spirits since she was three years old, she didn’t start to accept her gifts until her late twenties. In her effort to lead a more authentic life she decided to reveal her secret: she could see, hear, and feel spirit.

Faithful is an intimate look into Michelle’s life, what she has learned about mediumship, reconciling her relationship with God and the lessons she has gleaned from spirit over the last four decades. Michelle believes she works for spirit and her job is to help give them a physical voice to share their messages with their loved ones.  Michelle hopes by sharing her personal experiences, client readings, and knowledge about the after life from spirit it will be bring peace and comfort to those still living a physical life. Souls are infinite, love doesn’t die and we are surrounded with support from our heavenly loved ones all the days of our lives.

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