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To book a session please email

Michelle is excited and passionate about helping her clients connect with their loved ones in spirit. Reading sessions are designed to create a space to have a conversation with spirit and bring forward the messages they have for you.

At a session, Michelle brings through messages from loved ones in spirit, guardian angels, spirit guides or information from your own soul. Michelle lets spirit lead. What that means is the spirits who show up are who Michelle will focus on and bring their messages through first. Michelle can not make any guarantees that a specific person/soul/spirit will speak. Michelle is simply a messenger and can only deliver what is offered to her via spirit during a session. Come with an open mind and heart.

Also, Michelle does not classify herself as a psychic and does not discuss future information. If you are looking for these services please do not schedule a session. This is not what a session with Michelle includes.

One Person Sessions

50 minute return client check in – $250

60 minutes in person or phone – $300

90 minutes in person or phone – $450

Two Person Sessions

90 minutes in person or phone – $600

Three Person Sessions

90 minutes in person or phone $900

When and Where are Appointments:

Michelle’s office is located in Gilroy, CA. Sessions can be done over the phone as well. Appointments are Mondays through Fridays before 2 PM.

To book a session please email

Note: Please note that you must be 18 years of age or with a parental guardian to speak Michelle Paulson. In addition, Michelle may not accept all appointment requests and reserves the right to book sessions accordingly.

When booking your reading you are in full agreement of the following disclaimer:  For legal reasons, all readings and events are for entertainment purposes only and do not replace legal, medical, financial, or professional advice.  Michelle does not prescribe, diagnose or give medical, legal or financial advice.  Clients are solely responsible for their choices and decisions during and post their reading.