About Michelle

Death is a part of life and heaven is not unreachable. Heaven is all around us and our loved ones try to communicate with us each day.

Michelle Murnin Paulson knew from the age of three there was something different about her. She has had spirit communications her entire life, but didn’t work to develop them until she was in her twenties.

Michelle defines her gift as the ability to speak and translate soul. She believes she works for spirit and does her best to take their messages and deliver them to her clients. Michelle believes that spirit arranges how you connect with her and how she is able to deliver those messages.

During sessions Michelle gives a physical voice to loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, and guardian angels. Her goal is to help her clients better understand messages from spirit.

When she isn’t delivering spirit messages she is spending her time with her husband and four children. Besides her family, she loves reading, writing, coffee, and converse.