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I have started therapy once a week. 9 AM on Mondays has become a sacred space and time I don’t want to miss. There is headway being made. If you have ever done therapy and really wanted it to work, you have to do the work. Therapy is not for the faint of heart. When I started therapy my goal was to learn to accept myself completely: mind, body and spirit. I quite literally want to learn to love myself and be love in the world. If you are like me you need visuals as a model. Some sort of physical, tangible example to strive for.

Searching for such an example outside of my own family and friend circle, I started to think about one of the souls I have met through my readings. Her name is quite literally derived from latin meaning lovable. She always reminds me to be present, simple is better and kindness matters. Her essence both in life and in the afterlife is love. In fact, in the last session where she appeared her advice was to “Be love.”

I don’t know about you, but I think putting love into action could do a great deal of good in the world if it were a universal principle all people lived by. But maybe introducing you to this fine woman will give you a little pick me up, just like it gives me every time I am able to speak with her. And hopefully you can use her as an example to find ways where you can be love in the world for yourself and others.

Meet Mabel…

Over five years ago, I was setting up in my cloffice (closet office) to make phone calls in the evening. This was back when I didn’t have a desk in there, it was just a walk in closet and I would take my notebooks in and sit cross legged on the floor with my iPhone on speaker and call my client. This particular night did not stand out in any way. I had, had a long day at my other job, teaching software to title sales people and nothing stood out notably as I dialed the number to connect to my client. I didn’t know I was about to meet two incredibly special people in my life. 

The first was my client, Cory. Her voice is so chipper and calm at the same time. She truly sounds exactly like your favorite book being read aloud by a beloved teacher. It is pleasant to listen to her and you immediately feel safe and deeply connected to her. To top off her cheerful voice, she is one of the kindest souls I have worked with. She simply wants to be good in the world and does her best to be humble and kind. I immediately wanted to be friends with Cory. Her heart and kindness are a treasure in this world.

As the session started, my closet opened up in my mind’s eye and light poured through the entire space making everything glow with a rosy, golden hue. The soul that appeared through the glow would become one of my favorite souls to communicate with, it was Mabel. I have been able to work with Cory several times over the last several years and typically Mabel makes an appearance. 

Mabel is “Grandma Mabel” to Cory. Mabel had no grandchildren of her own, and had been widowed early in life. She started working for Cory’s parents in the early 1970’s.  In what seemed like no time at all, Mabel became an important member of Cory’s family. In fact, Cory’s parents went so far as to go before a judge and draw up papers to legally adopt Mabel as Cory’s grandmother.

When I get to see Mable form heaven, she usually appears with her golden halo of hair styled in soft curls all around her face, today is no exception. She has on a white and light blue flow-y, striped top and slacks the color of denim that exactly match the blue in her shirt. Mabel has on white tennis shoes that look brand new even though she is assuring me they are not. Knowing how to keep things sparkling and white is one of her many gifts.  

Here on Earth, Mabel lived a frugal life, but it was rich in love, laughter and fun. Cory remembers Mabel as someone who loved to dress up, dance, and drink coffee (hot and black), but sometimes with a spoonful of powdered Coffeemate.  When Cory describes Mabel she remembers, Mabel “was quick to give her time, homemade foods, and money to those in need. Though by certain standards, she herself could have been deemed one in need. She was a proud woman, who cared for others, and it wasn’t easy for her to be the recipient. There was a fine line in how much you could do for her…she would say, ‘I get along fine, don’t worry’ or ‘I make do.’ She loved to travel, [she would save] for senior organized bus trips and those adventures delighted her.”

Over the years, as I have had the opportunity to meet Mabel, she always greets me from a kitchen or a sitting room decorated in a cozy, clean manner. I can usually smell citrus and something sweet like honey when she shows up. She takes good care of her people, home and things. Her face reminds me of a cherub just because she always smiles so big and has rosy cheeks. You immediately know with Mabel her door is open to you and so is her heart. Love radiates off of her and wraps around you like a hug. 

Mable is the type of person who always tried to put herself in the other person’s shoes and never judged a book by its cover. Her ability to listen is one of her greatest gifts. Making someone feel seen and heard is a goal of hers. The words of advice that flow from her are given only if necessary or asked for and they flow like a balm working to heal the wounds you carry. And somehow, Mabel’s input is seemingly right on point. What is even better about this information is Mabel doesn’t expect you take it. The guidance she shares is just food for thought. Mabel knows the person she delivers the advice to is doing the best they can and will come to a reasonable conclusion on their own. Her words are just a spring board or a cushion of validation. Somehow she knows what words are needed and when.

A delightful conversationalist, Mabel can chit chat with the best of them, but also always has room for a deep conversation. She preferred to be busy here. Whether it was keeping things tidy and organized, baking or feeding loved ones, or even just taking time to keep her yard blooming or ready to bloom. She was always doing something. “Life should never be wasted, time is yours to create with, a true gift,” she tells me. Mabel is first to offer great amounts of comfort and to remind you a little sugar can put sweetness back into your heart. 

Saying Mabel is a caregiver to all is an understatement. She deeply cared about everyone and everything. But she also knew to keep things simple and to not overcomplicate or get lost in worry. “If you have a worry you can take action on, take it. And if you have a worry you can’t, then let God handle it,” she says. “Learning to let go of worry can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself and the ones around you.”

She believes in enjoying the life you are given no matter the obstacles that get placed in your path. You can complain, but not so much that you make people in a room scatter when you enter or groan when you start the same old spell you gave the last time you saw them. In Mabel’s estimation there always seems to be a right amount of everything and compassion for everyone. 

Mabel lived alone until her early 90s. On of the things Cory remembers most about Mabel is her “[l]aughter, Mabel had an unforgettable laugh that tickled you from the inside out.” Mabel laughed daily and often. Cory believes Mabel’s ability to laugh is what allowed her to live such a long life.

It is a pleasure to be in the company of a soul like Mabel’s. She lived her life to the best of her ability. She was able to transition in a way that gave her closure and where she felt she was able to prepare those around her she was leaving. She knows we don’t all get that lucky, but after watching things from Heaven for a while she thinks as long as we make the best with what we’ve got then we will be at peace in the hereafter.

Cory and Mabel 2009

Taking a cue from Mabel if we do the best we can by harnessing our own skills and talents and treating the people around us with love and respect we can create a better place here. Or at least a place we can enjoy. 

I hope you enjoyed meeting Mabel as much as I did. I think we can all learn something from her and try to put more love into the world. 

Sending love, light and little hope your way,

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