What to remember on a not so good day…

These past eight weeks I have been part of an online course called Soul Shift Lift hosted and taught by Rachel Macy Stafford, otherwise known as the Hands Free Mama. She is a best selling author and formal special education teacher. Her class has been uplifting, life changing and eye opening in so many ways. This class will continue to teach me things for the rest of my life if I continue to pay attention and be present.

One of our journal prompt assignments was to write an encouraging letter to ourselves to read when we might be feeling defeated in self-doubt or just otherwise overwhelmed. I think the story of 2020 is definitely something that has left us all feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of our comfort zones. There is so much to grieve this past year, but even in grief there can be learning, growth, gains.

Below is my letter to myself. If you are a familiar friend and reader you know I write letters to myself on my birthday reviewing the year and what I accomplished and what I hope to achieve in my next birth year. Therefore, this post might feel a bit similar, but it has a more day to day type message. I hope this letter brings you comfort and encourages you to write your own heart-warming letter to get you through your own troubling times.

Dear me,

Having a tough day? First, take a deep breath. Feel the air fill your lungs. Let your mind focus on the rise and fall of your chest. Breathing is a gift.

Now remember, you, just like everyone else, are a miracle. Your creation is a gift from God to yourself and all the lives you touch.

Remember how your children smile when they see you. They share their triumphs and troubles with you because they know you love them unconditionally. You are the reason they know that is true.

Remember that because you choose faith over fear you continue to bless others healing and hope. You believe in miracles and you share that faith and belief with others. You bring hope.

Do not forget to give yourself grace. I know you feel big, deep emotions and live a wild and open existence. That is okay. That is more than okay ; it is enough. Rest assured in the fact that you can only offer love; you cannot control the outcome or what other people think about you. And it isn’t your business or job to impress anyone else.

I also know you want to run and hide. Please don’t. Please just take this breath, remember, and then return to living your life. The past matters only to guide your learning, but what you are doing right now is more important.

You have right now.

You are loved and have love to give.

You must chose love. Even it hurts. Even if it is scary. Even if you tremble towards it. You must choose love.

You are worthy and wanted.

You are not a mistake.

You are purposefully made.

You are not damaged goods.

Show up. Do your best. Just try that is all you can do.

Your light is worth shining, your story is worth telling and your loved ones need you.

Keep going.

I believe in you.



*Dear reader, know I am wishing you comfort and that my heart is with you in your journey. I hope that this letter brought you back to your own center and reminded you that you are enough just as you are and that this world needs exactly what you have to offer. Have a good day. *

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