What is a spiritual medium?

There are quite a few people who still ask exactly what I do. Since I get this question quite a bit I thought it would be good to try and define it here on the blog.

Being a spiritual medium is entirely different than just saying you speak to the dead. But, I do sometimes explain what I do by saying, “I see dead people.” I try to do share what I do with humor, so I don’t get lectures from those who don’t believe what I do is possible. 

In purest form being a medium means you have the ability for soul to soul communication. We all have this ability; each and every one of us. It took me a while to figure out my own personal definition for mediumship, but after hundreds of readings and decades of experience with spirit; I believe mediumship is the ability to communicate with souls. Mediumship = communication soul to soul.

We can pick up a great deal about one another without even speaking. And I am not just talking about what we see and hear; I am talking about what we feel. Our souls can communicate their needs, wants, fears, hopes, dreams, and memories to one another directly. A soul can communicate and understand without the aid of a physical body, and this is possible if the soul resides in a living body or outside of a body in the afterlife. Souls do not need words to communicate and spiritual mediums can receive messages from spirit in a variety of ways.

Mediums can be clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, or claircognizant.

Clairvoyant (clear sight) means that one is able to “see” things beyond perceptual sight. This pertains to visions or images shared by souls. They can run like a mini movie or they can be images of objects, people, or places. 

Clairaudient, is you guessed it, the ability to hear messages from spirit. These messages can be impressions in the mind or heard audibly through our human senses.

Clairsentient means messages can be relayed through physical and emotional sensations. This type of medium can feel physical sensations in relation to what a spirit would have felt in life or even feel these sensations of souls currently in physical bodies. It allows spirit or soul to share emotions and personality traits as well. Clairsentient mediums feel these things as if they are their own. 

Finally, mediums that have claircognizance just know things. Messages come through with complete clarity. These individuals know with certainty when someone is lying, they also get ideas readily and easily. Like a lightbulb going off in their heads.

A spiritual medium can have one or all of the abilities in receiving spiritual communication. These gifts can vary or change over time as well. It is also possible to develop and enhance the ability to use these gifts with practice and dedication.

Spiritual mediums can receive messages from spirit in a variety of ways and no two mediums are precisely alike just like no two people are exactly alike; unless you want to get technical with identical twins, but even then I would say there are two distinctly different people involved. The uniqueness comes in when a medium delivers their messages in their own unique style with their own life experiences as the lens. 

I consider myself a friend of spirit. I work directly for them to help the living receive their messages more clearly. What does spirit have to say? Well it varies. One important item of note is that mediums are not fortune tellers, they deliver messages from souls. These messages could be about unfinished business, insight about what is happening in heaven with their loved one, and reassurance they are still existing and will see you again. But they can also be simple. I had a grandmother, who I later learned was a librarian, ask her granddaughter to “please use the bookmarks I gave you instead of dog-earring the pages in your books.” And that was all she had to share. 

Spirit has their own agenda and they come to talk about what they want. Sometimes it matches a client’s agenda, but not always. If you make an appointment with me or to see another medium, go with an open heart and mind and be ready to listen. Take time to process the messages later and be open to them evolving or revealing themselves in time. 

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