The truth…

So I am reading a little Gabby Bernstein and really focusing on preparing to go back to doing readings on a regular basis.

I am supposed to be vulnerable here, to speak the truth. It isn’t always easy to bear your soul, but it’s what I said I would do.

The truth is I am afraid of failure. I never wanted to be the medium that couldn’t give someone a reading. 

And that happened. 

And it was awful. 

Worse than I imagined. 

But I lived. 

And I have done successful readings after said failure.

Still, fear grips me every.single.time.

As I stopped today and spent time in meditation reflecting on Gabby’s words; a lightbulb of clarity clicked on in my soul. 

These words tumbled out of me…

God called me to this task on purpose. I cannot fail as long as I make my best forward effort. He has given me divine love. With divine love I am unstoppable. I have faith He will lead me where I need to go. I am loved completely and trust that I will be guided to do the most good with my life. I choose to learn through love. 

This doesn’t mean the fear is gone, but it does mean I can look at it and call it by name. It does mean that I can face it and move beyond it.

Thanks, Gabby. Thanks, Universe. Thank you, God. 

Choosing to learn through love and I hope you are, too.

Good night,

P.S. Hopefully divine love includes not going to hell for spelling Mother Teresa’s name wrong. Whoops.

2 thoughts on “The truth…

  1. This blog post really resonated with me again. I am kinda anger with the guy above as I feel left down by him but I know I need a way to get passed this. What I do know is my God is ok with me being angry with him as I know he still loves me unconditionally, just like my Dad did.
    I love the phrase Divine Love. I must show you my Mother Teresa quilt it hung in the Catheral in Galway as part of a quilt show, I was home on vacation at the time and went to see it with Mum and Dad. It was the last time I spent with Dad before he passed.
    Keep us the wonderful writing.

    1. Lee you are so right that you can be angry and still be loved. Life here is so hard for so many. I don’t understand why. I don’t think we are supposed to. I would love to see the quilt. When you get a chance message me a picture. As for your dad, I know he is with you always. I also know he is doing everything he can to soften your angry heart and bring you peace. Love and well wishes to you.

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