Mom fail #978

So this past Wednesday was hat day for the boys. Did this mom remember? Nope. No dice. Read the newsletter, too darn it!

So it is Wednesday morning and I am feeling a little pep in my step because BP is able to take both older kids to school and I get to walk the twins to kindergarten. Lovely. It is a good day for a good day.

We walk up to school and pass two kindergarten classes full of little ones in all different kinds of hats. The boys look up at me with funny looks. One says, “What is going on today?” Nothing registers. Not even a flicker.

Upon final approach to their class line we see that every single five-year-old head has a hat on it. Parents are taking pictures. It finally registers. “You guys it’s hat day.” I say thinking that it will register with them to. Their teacher had to have reminded them.

“What?” A little voice says with a puzzled look on his face.

“We didn’t know” A little blonde shakes from side to side and a frown starts to appear.

Crap. Double crap.

“I’m sorry,” I say. “I forgot you guys. Do you want me to run home and get you hats?”

Their little dejected faces give them away even though they are trying to act like it doesn’t matter.

“No, it’s okay,” they both say.

They say good-bye and saunter in with the rest of their hat wearing classmates.

They are the ONLY two without a hat.

Crap! Double crap!

Mom guilt takes over and I speed walk home to get them some hats.


Now, hold on! Before you judge me let me break it down for you.

Exhibit A: These two boys have already moved schools twice because of me. They went to a different school starting the second week of school and by the fifth week of school were back at the first school all because of little old me.

Exhibit B: I am also one of the only moms that doesn’t help in class because I work I outside the home.

Exhibit C: And last but not least, I am relatively anti-social and don’t quite fit in with the trendy moms so my boys aren’t always invited to the class playdates.

We don’t have to be Matlock to see that I am justified in running back to the house to get those sweet little boys hats.

So I chose to go get the hats. So sue me.

I wanted them to remember that I brought them the hats and not that I forgot them in the first place.

Believe me, I know there are worse things, but mommy wars are real. The movie Bad moms, the new T.V. sitcom American Housewife not so super far-fetched. Maybe it extends it a bit, but it is there. So long story short, I brought the hats. And on top of that I felt pretty damn good about it.

Of course now I am panicking because I volunteered to bring Rice Krispie treats for the Harvest Festival and I bought pre-made store-bought ones; really they don’t want me to make them, but crap were they supposed to by fancy home-made ones?!

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Yeah, first world problems I know. I know, really I do.

Anyway the day ended with mom fails #979, #980, #981 and #982. I mean there are no pictures because well, I forgot it was hat day.

Peace until next time,


6 thoughts on “Mom fail #978

  1. Wednesday was a doozy on my end, too. I made it to school just as the book fair closed and was greeted by 2 little girls bawling because we couldn’t shop. I tucked $5 in their backpacks and told them we’d go Thursday (the $5 was to spend when the class went on all the things that are NOT books) so Thursday (yesterday) rolls around and we go to the book fair, get bonafide books and my 5 year old says to me as we’re driving away “Thanks for not letting us down today, Mom” I died. And smiled and told her I would let her down a lot in life but I will always do my best and always love her. You’re a great Mom! Keep it up 😀

  2. Well, it’s better to forget hat day than tI remember crazy hair day – A WEEK EARLY. Oh yeah. I did it. sent my two darling girls off to school with the craziest hair evah! I was so very proud of my creativity… until the oldest calls me from school crying. “Crazy hair day is next week, mom!”
    There went yet another mom of the year award…

    1. Oh, Wendy! I think it is the thought that counts though right?! And you remembered.
      Gosh darn it; I empathize with you because this is sooo something I would do. And the good news is that one day it might even become a funny story that you tell, maybe?

  3. You make me laugh so hard. Beautifully written. If that is your biggest ‘fail”, everything is going to be ok! I need to work with you on your thinking though. You could have turned that into a learning moment and told them; “I didn’t have you wear hats because we want you to be leaders and not followers. It is ok to be different.” Next time we get together, we can work on this … Love you! You are an amazing mom!

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