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In a few short weeks I will be 39. There are always two ways to look at your life…as a success or as a work in progress. A big chunk of my life is a work in progress and I am okay with that.

I went to school to become a teacher. It’s what I did after I graduated from college fifteen years ago. I have two credentials and a Master’s Degree in Education. When the twins started kindergarten I was going to go back to my calling – teaching. I have been in sales for the last ten years and it has provided well for my family, but I thought that when the time came I would go back to do what I was trained to do.

Well this year I learned that I no longer want to be a teacher. It only took a couple of hours in a classroom to remind me of that. I definitely don’t see me teaching in a classroom any time soon.

As most of you know, I also started a side business about 3 years ago. Well this year it was really taking off. I thought that was great because I was helping people. I love helping people. But what I wasn’t noticing was the toll it was taking. Working both day and night my husband and I became passing ships, I was missing a mountain load of bed times, and I was starting to miss family vacations, family gatherings were missed or cut short, I no longer could meet friends or participate in book club, and last but not least I was in the worst physical shape of my life. What woke me up was a couple of rude, unfortunate readings and I snapped. I was done. I never wanted to go out into the night to a stranger’s house ever again to only be hounded or ridiculed or spoken to with little respect. I wasn’t ever going to take precious time away from my family or myself to do that again. You can’t pay me enough to make that happen.

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My family has to come first. I don’t want to high-five my husband as he walks in the door at night so that I can walk out. I don’t want to come in late and kiss sleeping kids. If there is one thing that I know is a success in my life it is my family. My husband and my four kids are the most beautiful, wondrous gifts in my life and that is putting it mildly. The time where we are all together under one roof is precious and short.

They have to come first and I must have the health and energy to be there for them, so I took a step back and shut down my side business. A lot of people were unhappy, but I have to put my family first. Their happiness is what matters.

I know I recently wrote about God asking us to go into the dark and shine our light, but I also know God wants us to shine our light into our own families. That is something that is of the utmost importance.

This is what is right for me right now. The world can wait, but my family – my family can not wait one more second. They were super supportive, but it was taking its toll and I won’t let it any more.

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So my 39th year may be most selfish, but I think it needs to be. I am going to continue to work my sales job that I never knew I wanted, but that has taught me more about myself and other people than I ever expected all the while providing for my family. I am going to pour myself into my family and last but not least take better care of me. That is what matters.

I can’t do all the things, but I can do the MOST important things. So I am going to do what matters most. The rest can wait.




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  1. Oh Michelle, I get it. I SO get it. And I’m sad that you were treated terribly for the gift you have, but I also see that as a wakeup call and a gift to you for changing your course. Selfishly, I’m sad. But I’ve been there. I’ve made big changes while my littles are still little and I don’t regret it a bit. Sending love, hugs and strength. I hope you’re able to find the time, energy and love you seek.

  2. I am sorry that you weren’t treated with the respect and gratitude you deserve but am glad it served as a wake up call for you and that you’re unapologetically doing what’s best for you and your family – you should! Please know that while we’re sad to see you moving on we understand. Please also know that you have made an incredible impact on so many lives and I am grateful for you and your amazing gift.

  3. You are a gift to the world no matter if you share your medium gift or not. You are beautiful, smart, funny, caring and have a heart of gold – THAT is your biggest gift! So proud of you for standing up for yourself and putting your family first like I have always idolized you for. Now go hug your babies (and give them a squeeze for Auntie too) and soak in your most amazing success!!! Love love love you!!

  4. You Rock Michelle! What a refreshing message. I have often wondered over the last few years how you have done it all. I support you 100%, and I admire you for having such a huge heart. And selfishly, I am so excited to be able to work out and sweat with you in class. God loves ya and so do I

  5. Family is first, i was about ur age when i figured it out also. So dont beat urself up, learn from it and keep spreading the word

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