In a weeks time I have written about bravery and grace and just being okay with the falls we experience in life and yet no matter how much I try there is an undercurrent of fear in my heart.

It’s okay to be scared right? Lately I am scared of everything. Okay longer than lately; it started when I was born. I think I was born with extra sensitivity to the world and somehow that made me more afraid of the world; well maybe not the world, but the energy and emotions in it.


I am scared of the little and the big things.

For starters, I am scared that no matter how much I empty my heart and pour it into my writing that this blog will continue to be nothing more than a diary that is more important to me than anyone else, which is okay, but I want to be a writer so much it hurts. So much that sometimes I run and hide from my own writing and I don’t write because no matter how hard I try or much I write it will never be good enough for anyone else to read.

I am scared that no matter how much I know that God loves me and believes that I am enough;  I will never feel like I am enough. That the weight I continue to feel will only continue to grow – this weight that I feel has already manifested itself into the weight that I carry and I can feel myself waving the white flag as I am crushed somewhere underneath it all. I am scared that no matter how much I want to be seen; that no one really sees me at all.

I stopped watching the news a decade ago because if it hurt my heart then it definitely could damage my tiny son’s ears and heart, too. So off went the news, because I was so scared and my heart was so hurt by the toxins that spewed from it. There had to be better things to report. But now when we are praising men for sitting during our national anthem, when our police officers are seen as the criminals and men are shot in the street for the color of their skin and whole groups of people are killed around the world for their ethnicity or beliefs and our leaders seem filled with more darkness than light maybe there isn’t better news to report. And that is scary. So scary that when I think about the world I am terrified that no matter how kind I am or how much good I try to put into the world that the darkness in it will swallow me up whole and not just me, everything that I hold sacred; everything and everyone that I love.

Scared doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about being a parent. Failing seems to be the name of the game. I know I have taught them manners and I know they are the kids that will help other kids and be kind; that part of life I think they understand. They are really great kids. But this year my kindergarteners have been kicked, choked, pushed, shoved, yanked and called names with words I don’t even allow out of my own mouth. My daughter continues to try to navigate a place where mean is the norm. That scares the crap out of me. I have had to teach them how to fend for themselves and that shouldn’t even exist at their age. What in the heck is happening in the world that our children are behaving this way? This scares me to death. Haven’t we come to be a civilized people where we don’t have to fear for our lives every time we walk out into the world?

The chaos is gobbling up the innocence of our world. The chaos and darkness are pushing out the light at a fierce pace and I can’t help but feel helpless. And that terrifies me. How can I help my own children understand a world that scares the shit out of me? Scares me to the point that I can’t read the news anymore either, because what I read leaves me shaky and nauseous.

Yesterday as we drove home from school the kids started to talk about how they feel things they can’t see. How the current of energy runs through them. Other people’s energy. This scares me to death. They are like me, extra feel-y. I still struggle with not letting other people’s energy invade my space, my emotions, my thoughts. How am I going to teach my littles not only how to fend off actual physical threats but also emotional, maybe even spiritual ones too? They feel this same unbalanced chaotic energy in the world that I do and can’t explain how or why it is hurting them.


I know we have to go forward and love one another and do good and continue to live our lives to the fullest and that the darkness wins when we feel fear, but sometimes that isn’t enough to stop me from feeling it. Sometimes I am engulfed in fear and feel shaky all day.

I know people who the absolute worst has happened in their lives and they continue to take one step forward; sometimes because life forces them to, but they do it. I am inspired by that and I know that despite my fear that I will continue on as I have been and do my best to do good any way, but I feel better admitting the fear.

Maybe if we are afraid together something good can come of that. Maybe acknowledging the fear leads to a way to face those things we fear and conquer them. Maybe…

Scared but hopeful,



4 thoughts on “Scared

  1. Michelle,
    I feel exactly the same way. It is scary out there, and I can relate to everything that you wrote. About our children being physically attacked at school, to the news (which I don’t watch anymore either and haven’t for years ). Maybe some would say that’s taking the easy way out and you need to know what’s going on in the world, but for somebody who does feel things much more than others as well, I can’t bear to watch it either.
    Good for you for writing about how you feel. I tend to pull away and distance myself from most everyone and everything. Maybe it’s not the right way, but it’s the safer way for me. I’ve always been chastised if you will for being that way, but you know what at this point I’m OK with it.
    Safe = less scary, and there is so much that is scary. Keep on writing, I know we’re not the only ones who feel this way. And your writing is awesome! waiting patiently for your first book

    1. You sweet love! Thank you so much for your words and your support. In a reading yesterday a guardian angel came through for a young woman and his message was that she needed to shine her light despite her fear. That fear breeds darkness. He urged her to let her light shine. Maybe that is what we need to do. We can ignore some of the news or digest it in ways we can handle, but always shine our own light on others. It is our light that lightens up the world and maybe that is how we help make a difference. I don’t know if that helps but thought I would share.

  2. Fear in it self is ok. Consioniuos and caution handled properly are ok. Remember …. It is not what happens to you that matters so much, it is how you handle what happens to you. Once you experience the feelings, what is the next step. That determines everything. That is what we teach that helps our children be ok, successful and happy. I know the world has darkened in many instances, however when I grew up (60 almost now) kids pinched, punched, swore, were mean and more. Teaching our children how to navigate that, help others have better experiences, and not let it negatively effect them …. Is the real deal.

    I agree that as time has gone on many things have progressed. Some for the worst. Some for the better. We have always had to deal with these types of adversity. I know you are not helpless and no one should be. There are big and little real fears for sure. I like how you ended this post because you are correct ….. If we are afraid together, if we acknowledge the fears and work to understand the why, we can overcome them!

    I know you have special circumstances and need to help with the spiritual side. That you are well equipped for as you have lived it! I know you will guide our babies well.

    My point is, acknowledging that the severity is increased, there has always been evil, there has always been hatred, there have always been protests, there have always been many things to fear. Acknowledging and better understanding the fear is the first step and the next most important step is to take action to overcome the fear.

    I walked to catholic school (k thru 6) in a Mormon State. Kids threw rocks at me as I walked to school because I wore a uniform and I was different. This is 50 years ago. I overcame. I stopped the rock throwers and never feared walking to school. Nothing in life since has ever stopped me. You will do the same for our babies because you are you. I know this!

    And last … You are a great writer. You inspire everyone you touch. People do want to read what you write. Don’t be afraid. One day you will see that this old man was wiser than you ever knew. You will write your book and it will be a best seller. People will read it. I know this for certain.

    Love you!

    1. WOW! I didn’t fall far from the tree that is for sure. You have a gift for words yourself. I know these things have always existed; I just don’t like when it seems that this hatred has the upper hand. We protect those that hate and cause hurt. They have more rights than the victims it seems; I guess that is the hard part. And then when your leaders are more in the race for their own egos than the people they will be leading it is a bit off putting.
      I agree it is the next steps that matter; acknowledgment and then finding a solution.
      I believe that we will persevere and that when we face obstacles in our lives it only makes us stronger, but sometimes it is still scary.
      Thank you for supporting me every step of the way – I know you are wise. Love you, too!

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