Signs from Heaven

Do you ever hit every single red light? I am not talking just in one trip out, but continuously for a week.

Have you been out and about and swore that you saw a passed loved one only to take a second look and it was not them at all? The person didn’t even really look like them all that much, but when you saw them the first time they were a dead ringer.

Do objects in your house, like your keys, go “misplaced” even when you know you put them in specific spot?

Are you frequently changing your lightbulbs? Or do you have lightbulbs that pop?

Do you catch a whiff of a loved ones perfume, cologne, or cigarette smoke from time to time?

Are you electronics always on the fritz?

Do you ever get strong cravings for things that someone that passed loved, but you didn’t really ever like?

Do sightings of birds, insects or specific skylines catch your eye and you just know that your loved one made that appear just for you?


Are you constantly finding specific objects like feathers, buttons, or coins?

These are all common signs from the other side. When I say they are constantly communicating with us; that is not an understatement. I have come across all kinds of signs both through readings and personally.

I have lost all four grandparents and miss them deeply. One of my grandmothers suffered with Alzheimer’s for years before she passed. She raised 6 kids and even though I only have 4, I long for her guidance all the time. For the first three years that we moved to Gilroy and I was carting around my 4 and doing school drop off I would cry once the house was quiet because I just missed her so much and would send my questions to the heavens up to her, but I did not get an answer. I know she was listening; and even answering, but my own pain caused me to miss her signs.

I borrowed this pic Aunt Lisa – I hope that is okay, but I thought this was a perfect picture of Grandma

I have been able to open my heart more and more the last two years and with guidance from other mediums have been able to connect to my grandmother more and more. What is odd is I feel her all around me now. But it started with my unusual craving for Diet Dr. Pepper. If you know me I have never liked diet soda. I would drink anything but. Lately however, I have to have Diet Dr. Pepper. I think it is her way of telling me this little drink helped her cope day to day and it can help me, too. I am a bit of a caffeine junky.


I am also constantly craving Doublemint gum. This was her gum of choice. She always had it. It is not my favorite gum, but I feel the need to have some on hand all the time and no other gum tastes as good as that gum. I have been fighting my weight gain and I think this is her way of saying have some gum on hand it helps.

There are so many ways that our loved ones try to come through to help us and guide us. They often literally whisper in your ear to help your intuition know the best choice for your soul. If your gut is telling you something it is wise to listen. If you feel something and can’t explain it – you just know – that usually means something.

There are many ways that signs can be discounted or explained away. That is the easy part. Believing is the hard part. Trusting in something you can’t see; believing in what you know is true even when you can’t prove it. That is what is hard for us; accepting something is real without being able to prove it. Believe anyway.


Spirits have ways of saying hello through numbers. If you are awoken at the same time every night or constantly look at your clock every day at the same time that is your loved one saying hello. If your phone seems possessed and you even receive strange calls and no one is on the other line, your loved one has called to say hello.

Dreams are a common way our spirit loved ones connect to us. Even if the dream doesn’t always make sense and we can’t remember what is said, but everything else about the dream feels so real then you connected with them. We are so open in our sleep and they can reach us a little more easily than when we are awake.

If you aren’t seeing these signs, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It may mean you aren’t ready to see them yet; your pain and grief can block some of these things from sinking in. Your brain is wired to protect yourself from pain and so it creates blocks so that our emotions are safe guarded. Your loved ones are around you. You are a big part of their heaven.


Your loved ones are just a thought away. If you think of them; they receive the call and are right there for you. Always.


I would love to hear about the signs that you have received from loved ones and I know that sharing them will help others, too. So share in the comments or on my FB page. I can’t wait to hear your stories.




6 thoughts on “Signs from Heaven

  1. oh my. I receive signs all the time. A song coming on to help me deal with something is among the biggest. Since my reading, you told me a spirit messes with my devices and forces them to be restarted. ALL THE TIME, I smile and know he’s working to get my attention then try to open up for other signs, quotes, books that cross my path. I have a list. My reading has helped me recognize positive momentum and gentle reminders to process things.

    1. This is beautiful. I love that you are seeing the signs. Songs are a big one. But anything can be a sign. Keep your heart open.

  2. I became aware of the spirituality of death after my mom’s sudden passing. However, it wasn’t until my dad passed, that “things” started occurring. After my dad died, I was constantly waking at 4:44am. At that time, it became really evident someone/thing was trying to connect. I searched the web, the Bible, anything to find the significance of that time/those numbers but there were no answers. Now, the web is filled with detail and you confirmed in my reading that my dad uses the number 12 to get my attention 4+4+4=12 🙂 This sequence shows up at times of significance for me – no coincidence, right! I always say “Hi Dad” when 4:44 appears. I’m working on meditation and that ” in between state of wakefulness and sleep” and so far, so good! I’ve been connecting with my loved ones a little bit and receiving signs that now, I have to figure what they mean. I love it! It is a puzzle but I’m enjoying the little connections.
    Recently, I started asking to see them. One night while in bed after my prayers, I asked to see my loved ones/spiritual guides, etc. Low and behold, my mom’s face appeared as big as a billboard sign! (I have had only a couple of dreams of her since her passing.) She was young and beautiful and her smile filled mewith a profound sense of joy–I’m having goosebumps right now typing this. I said to her in my in between state of awareness, “Mom, I can see you! I can really see you!” She turned her head, then cried, but I felt it was not out of sadness but happiness, then, poof! She’s gone and I’m wide awake. I was just thrilled.
    I would love to talk with you again and meet you. Going to be in the Chicago area or would like to be???!!!

    1. I am a sunny California girl, but if I am ever near Chicago I will let you know. I LOVE that you are paying attention and focusing attention toward the signs from your loved ones. And what a special gift that you are able to open yourself up enough to even see them. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!!

  3. I have dreamt of my boyfriend a few days after he passed on. It’s a visitation dream because it’s vivid. I can still remember it today. It will be 3 months on the 18th.

    Numbers. More on 1111. It was our favorite time to say to each other. Now I see 222,333,444,555 etc.

    Flickering lights. When it did, I said his name out loud then googled if it’s a sign.

    Cravings. This I haven’t heard of it until now that I’ve read from your blog. I drink beer and coffee now and eat more chocolates than my usual. Those were his favorites not mine.

    Coins. I just feel like maybe because I was cleaning but I take it as his sign too.

    Buttons. I found 9 buttons inside his polo’s pocket today.

    Butterflies. Startled me once because I know there wasn’t one when I went out but surprised me a bit.

    His wallet falling on its own. I was on my bed already. Reading. Our dog was already asleep near me.

    1. First of all, I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one. Secondly, thank you for sharing these beautiful, meaningful signs with me. It is wonderful that they have arrived with such abundance. So wonderful to know that love never dies.

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