Pieces of me

Most days I feel like I am trying to fit the pieces of me together. Other days I feel like I am struggling to keep them together. And since I am always completely, dangerously honest here, sometimes I am trying to understand if the pieces matter enough to pay attention to them at all.

Some pieces are complicated. Like the mommy piece; holy Christmas Cookies Batman, that one is my most sacred piece, but also the piece that is like an uncut diamond. I am sure if you have a mama piece we are in the same boat sailing.

My mommy piece is bumpy, it isn’t always pretty from every angle, it has imperfections, and it can cut you deeper than you thought possible. Yet at the same time it is perfection, if the light hits it just right it is infinitely the most gorgeously amazing thing you have ever witnessed or experienced. It is always delightfully surprising. Last but not least, there is nothing exactly like it in the whole wide world.

See same kid below, different highs and lows of mommy hood.

I could go into the other relationship pieces, but it’s the pieces that I think make me uniquely me that give me the most trouble. The writer piece, the medium piece, my creativity piece. They are the pieces I don’t understand. They are the pieces I compare to other people’s seemingly matching piece. They are the pieces I wonder if I should toss back in the box.

See in life there are always people brighter than you, stronger, more talented. Then there are the naysayers or as Taylor Swift says, “the haters”. Those things coupled together, are enough to put doubts in anyone’s mind. If you also tend to struggle with self-esteem and be over-analytical well then you start to look at the pieces of yourself and see that they don’t stack up in comparison to other peoples’ pieces.

I think everyone has a piece that is filled with fire and drive and passion. If you are able to keep the fire in that piece burning despite all the curve balls thrown your way then personal success is achieved.

When, I look at all my pieces, when you look at all of your pieces, it is important to remember that they are unique and special because we each put our stamp, our fingerprint on them.

What is most important is that you stay in your lane. Comparison knocks you off the track. It causes you to examine your pieces too closely. You can’t compulsively scan Facebook each day or look at Pinterest for things like ideas for school lunch and think you have to also make the sandwich with the monkey face and rose cut tomatoes; that just isn’t realistic unless your that is your personal passion. You also cannot compare yourself too closely with those in your same field. You just need to do you and strive to be the best you.

Of course, there are still going to be haters, dream stompers, and heartbreakers. I think that says a great deal more about them than you; so try to keep that in mind and I will, too.


So when you stop to look at your pieces, (the photos above are some of my pieces) when I stop to look at my pieces,  focus on your own strengths and passion, don’t look around to see how they compare. Just work on fostering them so that you can be your best self and know that, that isn’t just good enough; that my friends is greatness. If you can become the best version of yourself and find joy in this world and that is success. So even though you may stop from time to time to examine the pieces; question the pieces and rearrange the pieces, don’t let the outside world force pieces to change if you like them just the way they are.

In pieces,


2 thoughts on “Pieces of me

  1. Interesting post. Always keep in mind that if great creators listened to and acted on what others say we would not have planes that fly, no man would have ever stepped on the moon, humungous boats would not sail the ocean and on and on . . . Others that lack the vision will always try to tear others down or try to stop others progress. Their lack of vision does not soften their voice. Their ignorance somehow seems to intensify the noise. I for one encourage you to take your pieces and continue to create, to lead, to invent, to help others. The only reason to look closely at your pieces is not to be critical of them, it is to rearrange and use those pieces to continue to build. What you build is amazingly beautiful, helpful to others and very important to this world. You will not know your legacy until you age and the time is right. What you are as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, coworker, and person on this earth is enough. In fact way more than enough. When you lead and shine you draw more attention than others. It is natural. You don’t even realize it day to day. More negative and positive attention. The dark voices are loud. The sweet voices are soft. It takes a fine ear to appreciate the high notes of the sweet sounds. The pieces of your life deliver impeccable sweet sounds. Adele, Taylor, Carrie, award winning sweet sounds. No one is brighter, better, or smarter, just different. I love that you recognize and realize those differences. The different sounds. Thank you for reminding us that if we can just be the best version of yourself and find joy in the world, that us success. Excellent advice.

    1. Very insightful comment. You are right, different is a better way to look at it. I think sometimes, okay all the time I want to be at the tippy top; I do want to be the best at things. Practice, time, introspection, growth and a strong work ethic lead to that, but it does take time. I like being the best right away and I am often derailed slightly by comparing myself or listening to the “dark” voices. I have to remind myself that if I just focus on me, on being better than I was yesterday that is all I need to do.

      Thank you for such a deeply insightful comment. I always appreciate your feedback. I am truly blessed that you are my dad.

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