The other side…

Spirit works in mysterious ways. I know it has been said before, but there seems no better way to say it. On FB recently, I mentioned this exact same thing:

FB Post

It is always frustrating for the living that during a reading our loved ones use many interesting ways to describe themselves and the things that they want us to know. Most spirits are not direct with their information, but I am constantly in awe of some of the things that transpire during a reading.

Last night was a great example, spirit came through trying to describe a particular living person. While the personality was described fairly clearly and to some degree the physical characteristics one phrase kept being repeated, “follow the sunshine.” It didn’t seem to make any sense. This morning I received a text from my client with a photo of the person I described. But a one part of the picture stood out to her…he has a tattoo of the sun shining!

Follow the sunshine

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