Day 11: Sweet little family

Day 11 belongs to a sweet little family of one mama doing everything all on her own and two sweet boys. This single mama is beyond amazing and has the strength of a warrior, but then again all single mamas do. But, this single mama is also helping one of her sons battle Leukemia. It has become difficult for her to work as she is busy taking her son to all of his treatments. So this year her friend, Lindsay, wrote to me to see if we could send something to her to let her know that there are people praying for her and her sweet little family.

You all really delivered for our families in need in this year. For Michelle and her boys we were able to supply Minecraft Legos and shirts for both boys. They also received two books each. With your donations we were able to send Michelle Vons gift cards to help with groceries, a gas gift card, a Spa Finder gift card, and a Target gift card. Hopefully our donations were able to make the month of December a tad bit easier and joyful for her and her family.

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Michelle, our warrior mama, we send you prayers and strength to help you as you battle for your son. You are an everyday hero and we hope that our little gift made your December just a tad bit cheerier.


The Holiday Cheer Elves

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