Holiday Cheer Day 10: Warrior Dad

IMG_3286It is so awesome this year to have so many different recipients. It has been really fun to include dads. The recipient for Day 10 is a dad whose son you have already seen here on the blog; Johnathan Spencer. His dad Keith is a UPS driver and single dad. He helps fight for his son and fight for a cure.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at a school function just a few weeks before his gift was delivered to him. He loves history and documentaries. While we chatted he relayed the events of the great Alcatraz Escape to me. Keith is so easy to talk to and so down to Earth. You would never know the trials in his life.


Watching your child suffer and not having a cure must be the most excruciating pain on the planet. Keith is a constant source of strength for his son. And he also keeps things “normal” and “ordinary” as much as he can. Watching him with his son you know that their bond is strong.


Keith you are so deserving of some Holiday Cheer and I hope that it brought you some peace knowing that there are many people praying for a cure for your son and supporting you as you go through this journey.

Happy Holidays and Good Cheer,

The Holiday Cheer Elves

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