Holiday Cheer Day 3:Best Friends to Infinity and Beyond

IMG_3250Do you remember the day you met your best friend? Which friend of yours has been through your life the whole way through? Now could you imagine that after only knowing them for a few short years you would have to go through losing them. Now take even another moment to think about what it would be like to bear that loss at 6 years old.

Our recipient for day 3 doesn’t have to think about that she lives it. Jaeda lost her BFF when she was 6 years old. For the last two years she has had to learn what life is like here while her BFF is in heaven.

Her mom. Amy, has shared her thoughts via FB and I thought I would share them here as well:

Jaeda“We love and miss her so much. Lately Jaeda has been noticing that the songs they used to dance to are now old songs. She wonders if they’d still be having dance parties to the new songs. Jaeda will forever miss this friendship, a young friendship that taught them how to be a friend.”


jlk & Jaeda“One of my favorite pictures of these sweet girls! …These girls had so many first things together. First sleep over, first concerts (gilroy gardens concerts were so fun with these dancers), first time riding in cars together, sharing clothes, sharing exciting news (Jaeda told Jennifer on the phone when she found out about Ava ), swimming together, learning how to bribe moms for dinner dates and the talent of a princess show! This year without her friendship, her spunk and sparkle has been so very hard. I’m thankful for all the time we shared with this amazing princess…but so very angry that she is forever 6.”

jaeda unravelJaeda is one of the most mature and well mannered young ladies I have ever met. Whether she is Fluttering or manning a bake sale, she is incredibly involved with raising awareness and funds for Unravel, an organization that raising money for pediatric cancer research and treatment. She is committed to putting an end to the disease that robbed her of her best friend. Beyond her passion to put an end to pediatric cancer, Jaeda has been recognized both at church and school for her character.

IMG_3252Delivering Jaeda’s gift was such a wonderful experience. She was so excited. The homemade pillowcases she loved because she loves pillowcases and has one from a recent sleepover where all her friends signed it, which she excitedly showed me.

She was excited about the Descendants DVD, but flipped out when she saw the Justice and Claire’s gift cards. She couldn’t believe we guessed her favorite stores.

jlk & jaeda 2At 8, Jaeda is poised, polite, and carries a compassion that is greater than people four times her age. Thank you all for making this sweet girl’s day a little brighter and helping to let her know we are all supporting her.

Peace and love,

Michelle and the Holiday Cheer Elves


2 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer Day 3:Best Friends to Infinity and Beyond

  1. II This telling of friendship, young sisterhood is absolutely beautiful. Love and loss carry great lessons (great in magnitude). I paused and asked myself “what would I feel around the loss of my closest friend?” Sadness, that a piece of my joy would leave with her or that I would never feel the unique happiness only the two of us could create – big feelings stemming from that “what if”. Now considering that from a child’s perspective? Unimaginable. Looking at the photos above, I feel a knowing that the love exchanged between these girls is ever present. That the joy in memories of time shared will remain and that the inevitable lessons that come when friendships are formed, love grown, and loss experienced bring growth in one direction or another, always. May both families know and grow peace in their hearts. Jaeda: S P A R K L E on, your shining light is so needed in this world.
    Michelle, this acknowledgment is lovely, the care and intention is inspiring. Love and light to you and the holiday elves. II

    1. Kristianne, thank you. I so appreciate your sweet words and you are correct that Jaeda and her best friend will be connected forever. I whole-heartedly agree that losing a friend from a child’s perspective is unimaginable. Our community was rocked with the loss of a whole family during the holidays; three young children were lost and the marque at our elementary school is once again offering condolences. So horrifically sad and tragic what so many of our young ones are facing these days. Again, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. Blessings to you.

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