August and Half of September Lessons 2015 style…

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1. Do not write about how depression feels, but if you forget to take that advice and do it anyway…

Be ready that it could have the opposite effect of what you intended. If you write about how depression feels in an effort to let people see inside of you be ready for some people to talk to you as if you might break and be ready to hear a thousand ways that you can get help. (If you have read the blog you know I see a therapist and have seen my medical doctor about depression. My family and friends are aware and I really am fine. I was just writing about it with the intent to inform).

2. This too shall pass


For the last couple weeks, my kids have fought like CRAZY – and I know they will survive, but I MAY NOT survive. It is looney toons up in this hizhouse. One minute they are all working together to earn thousands of tickets at Chuck E. Cheese and sharing and the next minute they are teasing each other, tattling, fit throwing.

OMG - Fit throwingIt is a roller coaster ride I would gladly pass up. But, I know that mixed in with these moments of fighting that all the good stuff happens. I am just so done with attitudes and bickering at the moment that it takes me about 20 minutes to realize that this too shall pass.

3. It is okay to be an introvert
I can not tell you how many parties I have not attended because I needed down time or how many parties I attended where I socialized a total of 10 minutes out of the 3 hours spent at the party. People also think this is odd and that something is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong with you. You just might be an introvert and that is a normal healthy thing to be. It is okay if you need time to recharge. You will refuel and be able to connect again. Shake off what people think, take your time to recharge and move on.

4. Some dogs chew everything

Roxie Baby

If you happen to ever want to get a Collie – they chew every single ever-loving thing. They are super smart, too. They absolutely find the thing that will cost the most money or be the most missed and they chew that. Tonight it was the new license plates and registration for the new car. She literally pulled it from out of all the other mail on the counter and chewed that. Still wondering if she actually likes us.

5. You will survive your own child entering middle school

You will survive

My oldest started middle school this year. It is an awkward feeling dropping your child off into a world that you only know about through memory or hearsay. The good news is that the awkward feeling passes and they find their way just as you find yours.

6. Do not look up school lunch ideas on Pinterest

Holy lunch making mamas! There are some crafty and talented lunch making moms and when you see what they make for lunch and how they make it you will quickly feel inadequate unless you yourself are one of these Pinteresting mamas. This is where I need to channel Amy Poehler, “Good for you, not for me!” So glad there are moms our there that can express their creativity this way – I may put together some new ideas for what is in my child’s lunches from these beautiful creations, but there will be no dolphins or cute little faces inside my kiddos lunch boxes. Nope, not happening.

School Lunch Pin 1

school lunch pin

Well that is it for now, until next time,


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  1. As always, wonderfully informative and entertaining. You are an amazing writer. You have a magical way of making an excellent point, making you think and feel better all at once. Sharing is caring …. please keep sharing. I am really glad the dog didn’t eat your post ……

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