A decade plus one…

July is a quartet of birthdays for our family. All the boys are July. And tomorrow the last July birthday takes place. It is tomorrow that I will have been a mother for a decade plus one. My oldest is aging at what I feel like is warp speed.

I have just started reading the Wayward Pines series and when the main character comes across people who have aged years in what seems like days – I totally get it. While it seems odd to main character; it makes perfect sense to me. My own kids are doing that before my very eyes.

How in the world did I go from cuddling my sweet, bubba to him looking in me in the eye? It is world flipping; I will tell you that much.

This July also brought on my husband’s 40th birthday. We were just in our early twenties and planning our lives together – now we manage schedules, and budgets, while talking about college savings and retirement. UGH! I still feel 28 so I am in some major denial that the man I married is 40 and that I will be too in a couple of years.

These moments in these photos seem like they just happened…

Last but not least, this July brought a strange turn of events to our house – there are no more babies. We have had a baby in the house, or a toddler in the house for the past decade and now there are no more babies – all my kids are BIG kids.

Just look at the changes in these not so little ones…

Just an aside no matter how bitter-sweet it is to watch my babies grow –  WE ARE NOT HAVING ANY MORE CHILDREN (again I am not yelling I am just very adamantly stressing my point).

Look at this family it is full and wonderful and just the right size:


The best thing about my life is my family. I am one lucky girl; even if you catch me on a day like today when the kids started fighting in the line at Target. Because hey, that’s what it is all about – you take the good; you take the bad and there you have a wonderful, bundle of chaotic goodness. Tomorrow as I celebrate my oldest; I am also going to soak up the beauty of a decade plus one more year of motherhood. It has definitely aged me and changed me, but in so many ways for the better.

Thanks for talking a quick walk down memory lane with me.

Until next time,


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