Dark Spirits, Baptism & Jesus


My little 4 year-old feet were racing down the hall as fast as they could carry me. Hurdling the baby gate that kept my toddling sister out of my room, I bounded to the bed and hid myself in the covers.

I was so tired of that demon chasing me to bed. 

It popped into my life from out of nowhere. One day no demon, the next day demon. He seemed to like chasing me down the hall and scaring the ever loving wits out of me.

Since moving to Spokane, I had quickly learned that it was filled with negative energy. At least our little neighborhood was. But I grew weary of that little barreling demon pretty quickly.

Just shy of a year of his entrance into my life I learned we were moving. I was excited to leave that awful beast behind. It didn’t take long to discover; however that it could occasionally pop back into my life hundreds of miles away in Colorado. 

One night while my grandparents were watching me, I asked my grandma about scary things other people can’t see. I told her I kept feeling like I was being chased. She told me that whenever I prayed to God and asked for him to remove a spirit he could do that. She assured me that God would keep me safe.

To my little 5 year old brain this was nothing short of a miracle and God became my most favorite bodyguard. God came to my rescue and that demon left my life. 

Roughly fourteen years later on a river rafting trip, I found that there are scarier things than that demon. By this time I had become accustomed to spirit being a daily part of my life. Most spirits that I came in contact with were harmless. None the less I still had not forgotten that evil lurked among us.

During this trip I was visited by several spirits who had been murdered. A serial killer had hunted in this very terrain. It didn’t take long before I was visited by the dark spirit himself. Angry and sinister because of the crimes he committed; he tried everything he knew to scare and haunt my life. Praying this ghost away wasn’t as easy. He would always return no matter how many times he was asked to leave.

But after a few months and lots of prayer I regained the upper hand and he was forced to the very far periphery of my life. 

But it was during this time that I feared I would need greater protection. I reached out to the local Catholic Church and decided I would take the needed classes to become Catholic and was Baptized during an Easter Mass.

Of course this brought solace during my spirit encounters. I found that I had a strong faith in God and a deeper connection to him. Despite that I was easily reminded of how well organized religion and myself cease to agree. Within a couple of years I was no longer a practicing Catholic, but that did not deter my faith in God. It was then that I learned, that even though I was no longer a practicing Catholic God had not forsaken me. Knowing He thinks I am worth each and every breath I take and each ounce of space I occupy is all I needed to know. 

It is with a deep faith in my gift and the knowledge that God loves me no matter what that I tell you this next fact. In a recent reading, Jesus himself came to discuss the matters at hand. Suicide was weighing heavily on the heart of the person who had scheduled the reading. Bitterness and fury had engulfed this young man’s soul and turned his life to pain.

What Jesus had to offer was profound. He told this young man that his life was to be treated as a gift. Jesus shared that our purpose in this world is simply to be ourselves. We are a unique gift and what each of us has to offer is our purpose. He reminded this young man that we are never alone; that we are unconditionally loved and profoundly understood by him. Even in our darkest moments, He is with us. 


I know, I just passed the border of crazy town for some of you. It’s okay; I am good with you thinking that. I know it may be blasphemus for me to say I delivered a message from Jesus to this troubled soul, but I know some of you that know me; know that this must somehow have been possible. 

The reason I share this with you is we need hope. Our country needs hope. We need to know we are not forgotten. We are not alone. Yes, some choose to embrace the darkness, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Horrible, unthinkable tragedies befall the best most innocent souls, but that doesn’t mean all is lost.

When I flip on the news, I see anger and chaos. When I listen to my neighbors, I sense fear and loss. Ecspecially in our little community, we have lost so many young lives.  So I share this with you; there is something greater than us. This force or being is guiding us toward the best version of ourselves. He will carry the anger and chaos; we do not need to lose hope. We have the power to bring good into this world; even in our deepest pain we can choose to deliver goodness because that is our gift. It is within each and every one of us.

I choose hope,


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