Rules for other people’s houses from the mouths of babes…

On a recent trip to grandma and grandpa’s house, I started the chat about how to behave in the car and what was expected from my children at other people’s homes. The kids of course kept coming up with rules to out do one another. I just thought I would share…

Rules for Other People’s Houses from the mouths of babes.

1. Use your manners


2. Don’t break other people’s things and if you do on accident; try to fix it.

Try and fix it

3. No hitting.

No hitting

4. No punching or kicking.

No punching

5. Don’t steal stuff.

6. Don’t be rude.Don't be rude


7. Don’t play ball in the house.

8. Don’t pick their flowers from their garden and take them home.

Don't pick their flowers

9. Don’t squeeze lemons in the house.

10. Don’t let a robber eat the pizza.

Don't let robbers eat pizza

11. Don’t bounce off the walls.

Don't bounce off the walls

12. Never take their books and rip out the pages.

13. Say please.

Say Please

14. Never try to clog other people’s toilets.

Don't clog toilets

15. If they are wearing a wig, do not rip off their hair ever.

Wearing wigs

Needless to say I did not expect some of these, but at least I know for the most part they will not cause a wild rumpus and the books, pizza and toilets are safe from my children.

Until next time.


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