Goodnight 36…

As I lay down my head on the last day of my 36th year I wanted to think back on this wonderous year…

In a great green life there was a book and a big, blue monster truck…

And a picture of four little kiddos jumping to the moon…

And there were two little nieces loved just to pieces…

And a pair of pooches and a little flocked tree…

And dishes and laundry and a bowl full of rush…

And a quiet wise owl whispering hush.

Goodnight book…










Goodnight blue monster truck.

Big Blue Monster Truck









Goodnight four little kiddos jumping to the moon.

Four little kiddos









Goodnight fun road trips and all the beaches…



















Goodnight two little nieces loved just to pieces.

niece 1Niece 2









And goodnight pooches.








Goodnight little flocked tree.

Little Flocked Tree









Goodnight laundry.








Goodnight Pink-eye and good riddance.

pink eye









Goodnight 2nd Annual Holiday Cheer.

2nd Annual Holiday Cheer









And goodnight laundry. Why oh why are you always here?

more laundry







Goodnight twins’ first soccer season and She is Beautiful 10K Run.


She is Beautiful







Goodnight Disneyland.










and goodnight dear cousins and friends, I love you each and every one.

wine stroll










Goodnight laundry there you are again.

laundry again









Goodnight cabin.










And goodnight to the quiet wise owl whispering hush because I love you this much.

wise owl









Goodnight 11 years as I know many more will come.

11 years








Goodnight first preschool performance.








and goodnight to my 36th year it was a blessed one.

Goodnight sun









Wishing all of you another year full of love,




One thought on “Goodnight 36…

  1. Good Night My Sweet Daughter on the night of the anniversary of your 37th year. Rest well and know you are admired, loved, respected, and needed. And that the laundry will still be there tomorrow but your family will be another day older. Hug them tight and love them first. We can buy more clothes …..

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