Cheer Day 24

Enjoy Today

Today as we prepare for the nearing end of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season I find it fitting that our recipient today is a grandmother who has seen many a holiday season come to pass and greeted each one with love and a giant Christmas Spirit. My dear friend, Kim wanted to nominate her grandmother for her never-ending strength and faith. Kim’s handwritten letter of why her grandmother should be a recipient touched my heart. I share that with you today:

“Dear Michelle,

I would like to nominate my grandma. My entire life she has always been there for anyone and everyone. She was a second grandma to many many children. She was involved in the support and financial aid of our local teen challenge, and many other organizations. She has so many struggles throughout her life, yet she always stood tall and kept her faith strong. Even when her husband passed and two of her kids moved away eight months later she stayed positive and strong not only for herself, but for the entire family. I see her as my second mother, she is my hero, my rock…my angel. Always forgiving, non-judgmental, and forever loving and supportive she is my amazing grandma. I thank God for her everyday she is here with us. I could go on forever but then I would be a bigger bawling mess and this would end up a novel. 

Thank you,


Cheer Day 24

Kim, I was crying right there with you and I know many of the readers will be teary eyed as well. Having a champion in your life is so crucial to our resilience and success as human beings. You are definitely blessed to have your “amazing grandma”, Kim. God bless her and you this holiday.

Merry Christmas Eve,

The Cheer Squad

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