Cheer Day 23


I am so excited about this nominee. She was nominated by her daughter Christy. Christy and I have become friends recently and when she wrote to me to nominate her mom, I couldn’t help but add her to our list this year. Her mom, Gail is nothing short of incredible. I got to meet her this month at a local production of the nutcracker and she is sweet, humble, and just so down to earth. Christy’s nomination letter speaks volumes of her mom, and so I share it with you:

“Dear Michelle,

I would like to nominate my mom. Really both my parents should be nominated, but I know there is only room for one. Both her & my dad still work 2 jobs. They have my 102-year-old grandpa and my 82-year-old grandma living with them. My grandma has recently been in and out of the hospital the past couple months.

My parents had a trip planned to Tahoe for their 40th wedding anniversary, but were unable to go because they had to go when they needed tend to move my grandma home with them. In addition to having two parents living with them, they also care for my other grandma on a daily basis, taking her to doctor’s appointments, errands, fixing things around the house, etc. Her husband died last summer and they have been really taking care of her every need since then.

My mom has always given us everything that she could – she would sacrifice anything so that we could have extras when we were growing up. Always, always we came first and we still do. I don’t know how but she still finds the time to watch her grand babies when she has a chance. She knows how important it is to have time with your spouse. Goes to show, that she sacrifices the little alone time that she has for herself and gives it to us. Always selfless, always thinking of others first. She gives to everyone else before even thinking of herself.

She goes above and beyond to make special gifts for not only my brother and I, but for our kids as well …hand making special blankets for them and doing crafts with them when they spend the night at her house.

It’s hard to put into words how special she is to me (all of us really). Above all else we know that we are her life; she would do anything for any of us. We know that we are loved so deeply by her. I wish I could give her anything and everything she’s ever dreamed of. She’s that special.”

Cheer Day 23

Gail really is that special. She works in the Gilroy post office and last holiday season she played Santa. Every letter that was received to the Gilroy post office addressed to Santa, Gail responded to. She ordered special paper and stamps to make sure each letter had the magic of Santa. My four children received these letters last year and it made me believe in the magic of Christmas all over again.

Cheer Day 23 gift

I know that our simple gift is no match for Gail’s brilliance as a human being, but we hope that it will continually remind her that everything she does makes such a big difference to those that know her and even those who don’t.

Thank you Gail for making the spirit of Christmas live on every day.


Christy and The Cheer Squad

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