Cheer Day 12

Cheer Day 12

Cheer Day 12 belongs to Heather. Heather was nominated by her good friend Sharon. They have been friends for years. Sharon wanted Heather to know:

“Despite the obstacles thrown her way, Heather encompasses the strength, dedication and love to not only be an amazing mother and wife, but to also share her love and talents with the children she teaches.”

Heather is a wife, a mom to three and a fourth grade teacher. She is a great mom; her children always come first and she makes sure they know how much they are loved.She is passionate about helping children succeed and is truly one of the kindest people on the planet.

I am so glad that Heather was nominated. I have known her for years and she has always been someone who I admired for her kind and compassionate nature.

Heather I hope your holiday cheer brought a smile to your face and that every time you see it that it reminds you of how just by being you, you make such a difference in the world.

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