Cheer Day 11

Cheer Day 11

Cheer Day 11 belongs to Nickie.

Nickie was nominated by Melissa who knows Nickie’s family through church and school. Melissa wanted to nominate Nickie because she was in awe of her strength. Melissa just wanted to give Nickie a little extra holiday cheer to let her know how much she is loved and thought of.

I want you to get to know Nickie because her story is one with a happy ending.

In November of 2013, at the age of 23 Nickie was diagnosed with cancer. In December of that year she began her battle against cancer with brain surgery. She went through nearly a year of chemotherapy with grace and strength. What a warrior she is! Over the past year, she has had to recover from headaches, brain surgery, rounds of chemotherapy and has even learned to walk all over again. I did not know and still do not directly know Nickie, but a Facebook Page in her honor acquainted me with an amazing young woman who has the strength of twenty men and the kind of smile that will light the world with love and hope. Nickie is doing amazing and there is no Cancer.

The Facebook Page in her honor is called Nickie is a Warrior and you can visit it by clicking here. I highly recommend taking a peek because the photos and posts tell a beautiful story. I have copied a few below just to give you a face to add to the story above. If you click the photos they will take you directly to the Nickie is a Warrior Facebook Page.

2014-12-14_1624 2014-12-14_1626

It is with such a happy heart that I delivered her Holiday Cheer today. My prayer and wish is for more families and wonderful people to have this same ending.

Cheer Day 11

With love,

The Cheer Squad

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