Cheer Day 10

Cheer Day 10Cheer Day 10 belongs to Katie. Katie is a teacher for autistic children. She was nominated by one of her close friends, Debbie. Debbie wrote to tell me why she nominated Katie and I can’t think of anything better than using Debbie’s words to describe Katie:

“Katie is a true friend, a loving wife and mom, and a preschool teacher of children with autism. I am in awe of every teacher who opens her heart to other people’s children. That my friend Katie does so for the littlest of our school-age buddies who are also living with autism just makes me that much more thankful for her generous heart. She’s a teacher, not just to her preschoolers, but to their families as well. In our educational bureaucracy, this lady is a voice for what’s best for kids. She is there for parents who are just starting to live with the knowledge that autism will be a part of their life from here on out. It’s a tough job to be sure; some days it can be easy to feel defeated. Your holiday cheer today made one more person feel appreciated, respected, loved, and INSPIRED to go out tomorrow and do it all again.”

On the Mark Pendant

I am in awe of Katie and every teacher like her who make such a difference in this world. In a job where it would be easy to burn out because of how demanding and difficult it is they continue to work their magic day in and day out.

Katie you are a hero. Thank you for all you do.

With love,

The Cheer Squad

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