Cheer Day 9

Cheer Day 9

Cheer Day 9 is dedicated to Lisa. Lisa is a wife, mother, and daughter of a police officer that lost his life in the line of duty. Her friend that nominated her said that Lisa has had a rough year and wasn’t feeling her best.

Lisa was nominated because she is always putting other people first and greets each day with a positive attitude.

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One example of Lisa’s giving nature happened just last week. There was a child at the school where Lisa worked and this child’s mother was going through chemotherapy treatment. Lisa knew that the child was already going through a lot and that he didn’t have a way to get to school so she didn’t mark him absent for the three days in a row so that he wouldn’t lose his spot in the classroom. Her selflessness lost her, her employment. In spite of this, Lisa would do the same thing over again if it meant helping this family or any other family that is struggling or has extreme difficulty.

I am so glad that Lisa was nominated so she could be recognized for how amazing she is. Lisa you are a hero and I applaud you for trying to help make things better for someone else.



Wishing you much happiness and a joyous holiday season,

The Cheer Squad

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