Cheer Day 4 2014

keep calm and kick cancer's ass
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It is only fitting that Cheer Day 4 be dedicated to Tracey. Tracey is Carole’s daughter from Cheer Day 3 and is a new wife, mother, and grandmother.  Lori also nominated Tracey as they are a part of the same Bunco group and she has known Tracey for years.

Several years ago Tracey went through a very difficult divorce and motorcycle accident that changed her life.  She handled both with courage and a positive attitude. Tracey was a huge part of the Relay for Life effort on behalf of her aunt, who was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. Tracey even joined the Morgan Hill Relay for Life 2015 leadership committee prior to finding out she had cancer herself.

Lori nominated Tracey because of how she has handled her recent challenge with brain cancer. In awe, Lori has watched how Tracey has endured the cancer treatments at Stanford. Tracey has been incredibly positive and she continues to be a source of positive energy for those around her.

What cancer cannot do
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For those of you that are local may know Tracey and even be friends with her on Facebook where she keeps everyone updated with her treatments and surgeries.

To find out more information about Brain Tumors visit this link at the National Cancer Institute.

Tracey is a rock, a hero who inspires us with her true grace under pressure. Tracey we send our prayers, support and tons of positive energy your way.


Lori, Michelle and a circle of women who care.



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