Cheer Day 2 2014

Cheer Day 2 wrapped


Today was the second day of the second annual 25 Days of Holiday Cheer – spreading goodness – fundraiser.

Our recipient today was Dorothy. Dorothy has been through a great deal the past few years and she is also the reason there is a holiday cheer. She reminded me that we can do hard things and gave me the idea that we should stop and tell each other how awesome we think one another are way more often than we do.

Dorothy is the first to offer a helping hand, no matter what she is going through and that has been a lot. She has lost loved ones to cancer, struggled to have a baby – now she is the mom to a beautiful and spunky two-year old. She has helped care for her cousin who was battling cancer and also cares for her cousin’s young son on many occasions. Her plate is always full, but she can still find room to help others in need. Not too long ago while a friend of hers was on a business trip, Dorothy came to her rescue. The friend’s husband had come down with the flu and couldn’t care for the couples two children, so Dorothy rushed right over and filled in without a compliant. That is just the type of person she is.

She is also the kind of person who speaks her mind regardless of the fall out. A characteristic I admire because she doesn’t hide behind a mask of perfection.

Holiday Cheer 2 unwrapped

Thank you, Dorothy for being a great friend and a wonderful human being.


Michelle and a circle of women who care

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