I am not the girl I used to be…

I write a lot about being kind; it is definitely hard to be kind some days. I also keep it real. Is it always easy for you to be kind? Maybe I am doing it wrong.

As you know I am the mother of four small children and I have learned to stand my ground and not take any back talk. So when I have people at work give me a bunch of crap sometimes I am not always kind, but instead I diplomatically call them out. I think that is kind of like an adult time out. I mean really if I don’t let my children talk to me like that then I shouldn’t let other people talk to me like that either.

I am not the girl I used to be; you can’t walk over me and expect me to smile and take it. I smile, look you in the eye and ask you to take that kind of attitude elsewhere.


I am a like a sugary version of Judge Judy or a very sugary version of Judge Judy.


Learning to stand up for myself one  adult time out at a time,



2 thoughts on “I am not the girl I used to be…

  1. It is a true “art” to be able to be kind yet not allow yourself to be run over. Very few people master it. You are one of those people. Stand tall and let the good voices be heard!

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