Kindness changes the world one kid at a time…

Mr. Rogers


I love this Mr. Rogers quote. I live by this Mr. Rogers quote.

This week I was awe-struck when I witnessed first hand how if we teach our children kindness we can change the world.

My daughter, who is seven and in the second grade, recently started a new school (that is a story for a future blog post) but after the second day at this school she came home to tell me how there was one little girl who was being mean to the others. We talked about how things might be tough and scary for that little girl and brainstormed what might make her feel like she had to act that way. A whole week went by and my daughter didn’t discuss this girl any further.

Then on this past Monday my daughter gets into the car after school and she proceeds to tell me that she went and talked to the girl at recess that day. I asked her what she said and she retold the events.

“Mom, I was shaking I was so nervous, but I just wanted her to stop being mean to my friends. I walked up to her and asked her, ‘Are you just doing the things you are doing to do them or are you just having a hard time making friends?'” she softly spoke each word.

“I didn’t use the word mean mom because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.” She explained.

“Wow, I would have been shaking, too. What happened next?” I prompted her to continue.

“Well, she said she just really wanted friends mom. She said she just wanted us to like her. So I asked her if she would like to be our friend and she said yes and so we played together the rest of the recess and the next one.”

I can’t tell you how proud I was of my daughter in that moment because there really are no words. She was brave, she was kind and she made a difference in that little girl’s life that might be immeasurable.

Kindness matters every tiny bit. Compassion for others is necessary. Teaching that is priceless.

Here’s to changing the world with kindness, one kid at a time,


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  1. Ok, crying again. Wow … How powerful! I am so proud of D and so proud of you. Can’t wait to hug you both. Change your words and change the world. You do it better than anyone I know. Michelle for President!

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