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Holiday Cheer

It seems early to start, I know, I know. But the truth is we have to start now to get everything ready and ordered so that we can start to deliver the gifts on December 1st. If you aren’t familiar with the 25 Days of Holiday Cheer; I will fill you in… each day in December from December 1st to the 25th a gift is delivered to an individual who has been nominated for Holiday Cheer. This year the theme is ordinary heroes; so you can nominate anyone that you think is a hero just because of what they do and who they are. Nominations are taken on a first come first serve basis so once I get to 25 nominations then no more nominations will be accepted for this year, but I will hold on to them for next year.

What will they receive as Holiday Cheer you ask? Well I have a dear friend who is a Stella & Dot consultant and this year another wonderful person who is a thirty-one consultant who will host parties and you can purchase something for yourself, a holiday gift, or even just purchase the gift for the person you are nominating through these parties and then I wrap it up; add a card and a plaque that this year will look like this:

All The Best HEROES

Then the gifts are delivered and I write a blog piece about the nominee and why they were nominated. That is it; plain and simple.

The idea for this started when a dear friend of mine gave me a special gift just out of the blue and reminded me that I was worth more than I thought I was. I think that taking the time to let people know how great and impactful we think they are changes lives. I am all for that! I know you are, too.

Last year was pretty successful. The nominees were touched, my life was changed, and everyone involved made a big difference in the world by letting someone know how special they thought they were.

So this year, the parties to purchase the gifts will be held online and in person. Those of you that are close by should receive an Evite shortly with details of how to join the party at my house. When the online party opens up here in a couple of weeks then I will post that on the blog and my website and anyone can take part. The more participation we get the greater the gifts we can put together to deliver to the recipients. I let each nominee know that a group of people was behind their gift and who was directly behind their nomination.

As for sending in nominations – you can nominate anyone that you think is a hero. To nominate them please email me the following to twenty5daysofcheer@yahoo.com:

1. First and Last Name of the Nominee

2. YOUR First and Last Name

3. Please send either a short video with your reason for nomination that you are comfortable sharing on the blog OR a photo of the person you are nominating that they are comfortable sharing on the blog. I think it is important this year for us to SEE each other.

4. The address of the nominee so that the gift can be delivered.

5. Your address and email so that I can contact you easily.

That is it – it is that simple. I will collect the nominations, we will shop, and then in December gifts will be delivered and each day I will blog about your nominees. If you are interested in learning more about last year just check out the 25 Days of Holiday Cheer Category on the blog and you can read all about last year.

So excited to get started this year!





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