August Lessons (2014 Style)

Arthur Ashe

I know, I know it is already half way through September and I am just getting to the August lessons post, but this is how we roll around here lately. I am definitely doing the best I can and dog gone it – that is good enough. I think that will be my motto for the rest of September, October, November and December. I like the idea of just starting where you are and using what you have to do the best you can. I think that is all we can do to maneuver through this adventure called life.

Hopefully these August lessons help you remember to just start where you are:

1. Go for adventures.

beach day


This summer I took the day off before school and we hit the road. We packed up snacks, drinks, blankets, and sand toys and headed straight to the beach. It was well worth the time spent together. If you can just pack up and go on adventure – do it; so worth it.




We also headed out over Labor Day weekend to a friend’s cabin. It was definitely a good time. Lots of swimming, playing and spending time together. We even were able to snap a couple of family photos.


cabin family


We also were fortunate enough to venture out to the circus. The kids loved every minute of it. The clowns made them laugh, the trapeze made them gape wide-mouthed, and they loved watching the elephants. It was a great adventure with our family and extended family.


2. Have important conversations in person

This month almost a decade after a major misunderstanding; it was resolved in about an hour with a one on one, face to face conversation. Always talk to the person, in person, and you can resolve whatever issue you have even if it is to decide that you agree to disagree.

3. Capture your kids playing on film

I very seldom take out my camera. I once read how centuries ago Native Americans did not like having their picture taken because they felt that each photo took a piece of their soul with it. I have always felt a little like that. But having a camera on my phone has made taking pictures a little more accessible.

My kids are growing fast, as kids do and so when we were at the park I started snapping away at the kids playing. This was so fun to look back at the photos and see their little faces and personalities in each of those shots. I highly recommend at least once a year snapping pictures of your kids at play just so you have some tangible memories.

doubles at play


at play

4. Drink in the moments of peace you get.

As parents, citizens, just people living in this century, our lives move so fast. Technology and change have just made it so that our days and time are filled to the brim with things to do. Take moments to soak up the good, to really look into your children’s eyes or to just watch a sunset. Drink in the peace of any moment that lets you slow down. Our souls need those moments; I truly don’t think we were built to move at warp speed and yet somehow day in and day out we do.

drink in peace


5. Let your kids dress themselves and be proud

I am so glad I let my kids dress themselves. I want them to learn as early on as possible to be independent, show their own sense of style, and just have the opportunity to express themselves. We are often wearing two left shoes, backwards pants, and crazy mismatched outfits, but I love every minute and am so proud of my kids for doing things themselves.

who says...


peace dude


panda hat


twin learning curve


6. Don’t leave your phone unattended.

Just a word to the wise if you leave your phone unattended and your kids get to it before the screen locks you will have a thousand pictures of randomness and several interesting selfies. Or then again, leave it unattended; it is a wee bit entertaining.

phone bomb


Life is crazy, good and wonderfully fun – start where you are – do your best to look for the bright side and keep moving forward.

Happy September,


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  1. Awesome to see you are taking time to enjoy life. They grow up fast so it’s good not to have regrets about what you missed. Bravo Michelle.

  2. I need to drink in the moments of peace!:) it’s a great reminder- great blog and I love the photos. Thanks Michelle!

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