so small

Some days I just feel small…

like the whole world is just a little too much, like everything about my world is ant sized in comparison to everything else that is going on. Do you ever look at your hands and they just seem tiny, even though they aren’t? Or do you ever just sit in awe at how so tiny your kids are; that they are just so darn little? I catch myself doing that at least once a day. Sitting in awe of how small everything is. But even though I feel small; I also feel a great weight. A weight that everything that happens in the world is interconnected, linked like one gigantic spiderweb.

I wonder if I think about all these things so much because I see things other people don’t believe in; or are too afraid of to want to hear or talk about. What I experience is out of the “normal” realm for most people. If there such a thing as normal – I am pretty sure there isn’t.

For instance, the other night we went to a fundraiser. It was really nice to be out with our friends. However, there was a spirit that just would not leave me alone. I was compelled to talk to the woman who was associated with that particular spirit, but husband  thought it was an all around bad idea. So I ignored the urge to talk to her and it has plagued me ever since. If I am given these gifts; what is it to just have them and not share?

But unfortunately the reverse is also true. Yesterday I did my very first paid reading, so it was the real deal. I was pretty excited about it. I had written 5 pages of info before I even talked to her.

After, I had divulged all the information that I could – mind you, 3 different spirits came through. This reading was still particularly difficult because the person I was reading for was incredibly private and so there were things even the spirits wouldn’t give details about because they wanted to keep those things out of the reading to help their loved one. After the reading I just felt small. Again not sure if what I had told her made any difference.

All the while, I am as certain about doing this as I am that I have two arms. I am supposed to be sharing this knowledge with others.

try again tomorrow

My courage is roaring today, even though after the reading it was whispering to just keep on trying. Which leads me to the exciting news…

I now have a page where you can get your very own reading scheduled. Click here to check it out. Here’s hoping it becomes what I think it can be.

she turned her can'ts into cans

Here is to turning can’ts into cans!




3 thoughts on “Small…

  1. Hi Michelle! I have someone who is interested in getting a reading with you, but I clicked on the link to your schedule and it’s broken. 🙁 I also would like to set one up with you. What’s the best way to do this? Thanks!

    1. I am setting up a new website – it should be up today. I will let you know today when it is ready, but if you want to send me the information via message through FB that is fine and I can set that up.

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