You are what you believe…

gorgeous on the inside
For the last week or so I have been in a rut. I had forgotten that happiness is a choice and that choice is not always easy.














being present







And by hard I mean those things take time, attention, awareness and action. You are what you believe.

For the past few weeks I have been HUNGRY all the time. I just can’t eat enough; never full. That’s not a feeling I have often. But I was also convinced that I was a no good loser who would never achieve success and wasn’t worth the space I take up on the planet. It took a cutie patootie to remind me to…

Be yourself

But during the last week, I would just look in the mirror in complete disgust with myself. Telling myself how hideous I was. But here;s the thing…I am never going to be Jennifer Anniston on the outside; I am much more of a girl next door like Topanga with thinner lips.


But here is the thing I have forgotten and then just remembered; I am FREAKING gorgeous on the inside! The whole point of being authentic is to be able to let my “insideness” shine through.

My mistake this past week or so is that I have let the disgust I felt about myself show through lately, but unfortunately in an extra ten pounds of extra weight (UGH!). I need to remember that I am kind to others, hard-working, patient, brave (even though I forget half the stuff I post here and when I talk to people and they bring up stuff; I am like what?! Oh yeah, that was in my blog).

I am worthy

Anyway, my point is we are all FREAKING gorgeous on the inside. I see people’s souls all day long. I have only ever met a handful of ugly people; and they only reason I would consider them to be un-beautiful is because of who they are on the inside.

I am worth the space I take up on the planet and so are you. We are all meant for greatness; each and every one of us.

everything is awesome

Trying to let my “insideness” shine through and yes I wrote this while my kids were watching THE LEGO MOVIE in the background,


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  1. We love you Michelle. I love you Michelle. We need you Michelle. I need you. We count on you Michelle. I count on you to lead my grandchildren to be beautiful people like you. They are. You are doing a fantastic job Michelle. You are beautiful on the inside and the outside. You are special. More special than you will ever know. Believe in you. We do. I do.

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