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Today is Mother’s Day. I am so grateful for Mother’s Day. To be honest I kind of like the recognition. We work really hard. I just wish I had been more cognizant of how important Mother’s Day is when I was a kid. I am pretty sure just like my kids do; I acted like it was any other day. Sorry mom – hopefully we are making it up to you now.

I have thought a lot about Motherhood – obviously a good portion of the posts on this blog are about it – and well one word comes to mind most of the time…SCARED. I am scared of what my kids will face in the real world. I am scared I am not doing things that will lead them to be healthy, productive members of society. I am scared they won’t be close when they grow up and help each other out when they need to. I am scared they aren’t eating enough vegetables. I am scared they aren’t getting enough vitamins. I am scared that they aren’t being read to enough or played with enough. I am also super scared that I have said the wrong thing too many times and I haven’t balanced out with enough of the good stuff to make a difference and that I have scarred my children for life.

Yup, heavy stuff. But that is just it; we all worry about that kind of stuff day in and day out. Scared that this sacred work we are doing just might not pan out the way we think it should – with an adult that doesn’t feel entitled, but instead works hard, respects others, and forms lasting, healthy relationships with other human beings.

So when I think about motherhood and all the things we do – fatherhood, too I am not leaving you out of this – there is a crazy amount of pressure and to top it off we have to make sure we are squeezing the enjoyment out of it as it races by at warp speed.

That is why, a day like today – Mother’s Day where things all slow down a bit and we are able to embrace each other’s goodness (in between children talking back and freaking out about wearing a nice sweater because they will look “HANDSOME” and “You know what happens when I look handsome, mom?” He is afraid girls will try to kiss him – mind you this is my three-year-old!) and let each other know; we got this and we have each other’s backs in this parenting gig. The sweet reminders from friends and family that pump you up and also let you know they know how hard it all is.

These are some of the sweet reminders that I got today to let me know as scared as I am; I might just be doing something good enough to raise productive, caring adults:


Z-Man's card
Z-Man’s card – and that is a face print on the bottom right – nose and cheeks.

sister 2

sister 1



great card
great card
this is the best part
this is the best part


Even our doggie got me a Mother's Day Card
Even our doggie got me a Mother’s Day Card
And she's happy with me...
And she’s happy with me…



Easy E Mother Poem
Easy E Mother Poem
And don't forget the sweet little ad libs from the mouths of toddlers
And don’t forget the sweet little ad libs from the mouths of toddlers


So mostly, Mother’s Day is a great day to pause and reflect on the sacred scary work us mamas do. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mama’s – every different kind of mama out there.

Keep on trucking and do your best because, gosh darn it, I think it might just be good enough.



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