89 more days…

Okay so I am checking in – just in case you were wondering how it was going.

I am on day 12, but I am posting results through day 11 just because day 12 isn’t over yet. Plus to be honest day 12 was a bit of a sleeper in the exercise and step department plus I just ate a candy bar so maybe day 12 should be skipped altogether even though it won’t be; you will see the results for day 12 on the next go round.

Any way, I am counting calories using My Fitness Pal. I definitely need to work on my diet. But I am still sticking as close as I can to 1500 calories. I need to get that down to around 1300 probably to see better results. That and I have to start cutting out carbs. I love chocolate and well potatoes and garlic bread. I am not doing well at eliminating those things from my diet. Oh and cookies, did I mention cookies. I am doing great at drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.

However, my walking and running is doing pretty good. Below is my step count which my Jawbone UP tracks for me daily. I am making sure if I walk on the treadmill that I make sure the incline is above 8 so that I am really getting a workout. If I run I do my best to keep it at 10 or under on the treadmill and then I do the best I can out on the street. I average a little over a ten minute mile out on the street.

daily steps to day 11


So I just need to keep this up and make sure I watch what I eat a bit better. So far no weight lost, but I am not giving up hope yet.

Doing my best-


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