Alternate headlines…

This past weekend I was in the grocery store and as I scanned the magazines during my wait in line this is what I saw…



Apparently the very happy Blake and Miranda or headed for divorce. Miley is having heart trouble and Nicole and Keith Urban are also having marital troubles. Not to mention the smaller headlines of meltdowns and most hated celebrities. These headlines made me so sad. Shouldn’t we have more self-respect than to read about other people’s sorrow? I think we need alternate headlines screaming at us while we wait in line.

This is also what came up on TMZ when I searched happy news; just in case you wondered. I am pretty sure no such thing exists on TMZ.

happy news on TMZ

I know some local news and radio stations are starting to have air time for uplifting news stories. Even the big morning shows are starting to give air time to “good news”. But we really need to take back the news media and turn it into a more informative arena without so much drama and devastation. Our news should have more good than bad in it. Here are my thoughts on what should be on the cover of a magazine.

my hollywood magazine cover

What do you think about the current state of the news industry? Are you a fan of the “ticker of devastation and doom” and 24/7 media coverage of horrific events?

Do you think that our magazine covers should be wrought with judgement?

Hoping for a change in media,


5 thoughts on “Alternate headlines…

  1. I agree Michelle! It is time for a change and we can change it. Don’t buy the sad story rags. Don’t read them. We (those who buy) give the power to those rags because it is about the money. Let the good voices be heard. I think we need a magazine named …. “Good Voices” or “Truth and Goodness” (as you suggested) where we just feature good stories, kind stories, and happy things. Not that the world is all rosy and bright, but just an outlet for the good stories can’t hurt us. Lets hear about the people that have been married for 36 years that still love each other as much as the day they meet. Lets shut out the negative noise and not pay attention to those sensationalizing others misfortune. Lets hear about an act of kindness that may save someone’s life. Lets hear about the stories you suggest. I will buy your magazine! So will many, many others …. Love your idea. I am “on board”!

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