Unbirthday Party

Unbirthday Cake
Unbirthday Cake

Today my 3-year-old asked me if he could have a party and I thought why the heck not. So before dinner we baked a cake. I found streamers and let the kids decorate the house. We created our own pin the tail on the donkey game and had a dance party. Best parenting night ever!!!

Yes, that is shredded crepe paper on the stairs – my three-year old thought that was the best way to decorate the house.

The Party Planner

We drew our own donkey and used crepe paper tails – it was the kids’ idea. The nailed it!

Then of course my 9-year-old thought pin the tail on the kid was a good idea and then continued to do the “butt dance” at our party. Guess that is what happens when you get to have an unbirthday party just for the heck of it.

Sometimes it is just better to say why not and go for it. It was a memory well made.

Happy unbirthday to you –


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