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Are you a list person? My desk, journals, notebooks, and computer are piled with checklists; all the things I need to get done. At the end of the day I am mostly dissatisfied with what I HAVEN’T accomplished. Do you do that?

Do you look at what you haven’t got done?

I just realized this is a glass half empty philosophy. I pride myself on being a glass half full kind of gal and this is definitely half EMPTY thinking.

So instead of our checklists (minus the ones we have to keep so that we don’t absolutely forget something we HAVE to do like pick the kids up at 2:15 or the dentist appointment at 1:00 or to be at the Girl Scout booth at 11 not 1)each day we need to write a TO DONE LIST; stuff that got done today.

a TO DONE LIST could be:

  • 2 loads of laundry done
  • homemade lunch and dinner
  • called a friend to wish them Happy Birthday
  • Called my sister to say hi
  • cleaned kitchen counters
  • 1.5 mile walk with the dog
  • cleaned up emails
  • got pull ups
  • showered and got dressed not in Yoga pants (or in Yoga pants depending on the day).
  • took kids to school
  • picked kids up from school
  • saw therapist
  • tucked kids into bed

This sort of glass half full philosophy helps you look back on your day with a better sense of accomplishment. To heck with the dirty dishes in the sink, or forgetting that one of the kids had guitar, or that you still haven’t returned the Tupperware and dishes on the counter and you have 60 things still sitting in the queue for work tomorrow. I would love to hear about your TO DONE list. We could have a whole got r done club!

Here’s to a glass half full kind of day –


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