February Lessons…

Hi-de-ho Neighbors,

It is your friendly blogista here with her February living out loud lessons. If you are new here; each month I write down some lessons I have learned over the past month either from living out loud or just in general that I think are worthy of sharing. Below are February’s lessons. I hope you can relate.

1. Stealing ideas always pays off

Door notes

Now I am not talking about stealing like Zuckerberg, but stealing like taking a Pinterest idea stealing. I found a great Pinterest idea about writing a love note everyday in February and posting it on your kids’ doors. Loved it – thought it was quick, simple and fabulous little pick me up for everyone. I even left notes for my husband on our bedroom door. Everyone loved them – did I get all 28 done? No, but what’s the harm in writing 7 more the first week of March – nothing really.

2. Accepting others for who they are and letting go of what you can’t change

In the past I put a ton of energy into complaining about people who were mean or did things to irritate me. I thought that somebody had to hold them accountable for their actions. And you know what? Well I will tell you what. Doing that is exhausting for you and everyone listening to you. I now put time and energy into treating those people who are mean or drive me crazy like I would want to be treated. I feel so much better about myself and I think everyone else is happier that they don’t have to hear me complain anymore. Plus you can still hold people accountable and let them know how you feel by still treating them like you would like to be treated. Stressing over how other people behave is really not worth your time and the truth is if that person really is a pain in the but other people see it, too and they will crash and burn without you ever having to say a word.

3. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity

Life slows down a bit when you focus on the simple things.

  • being grateful that you get to sit next to your sister on an hour flight home
  • relishing in the giggling of your toddlers while you push them in the swings.
  • getting to see snow – when you haven’t seen snow in years.
  • having your little one hold your hand
  • when your nine-year old kisses you goodnight when you fall asleep on the couch
  • having your friends come over to see you
  • having a friend drop everything to meet you for dinner (Thanks, Rebecca).
  • seeing a rainbow in the Starbucks parking lot (that is a double win by the way because you have your coffee in hand while you are witnessing a little bit of magic in the sky).
Starbucks Rainbow
Starbucks Rainbow

4. So much fun watching my kids hang out


I love when my kids all get along. It is tons of fun to watch them all get along and play together. It is also so sweet how much my little ones look up to the older ones. I savor those good moments.

5. I am a fan of jeggings – a big fan – and I don’t care what Jen Hatmaker says or writes in her next book.

So I know some people are so over this jeggings trend, but I have to tell you – I am a super huge fan. They are comfortable and for the most part pretty darn cute. I know, I know you think some people shouldn’t wear them and well when you say crap like that you sound like Laurent Potdevin, former CEO of Lululemon and we all know what that got him.

Plus, the jeggings below were a Valentine’s gift from my parents and they pretty much are the most awesome pants I own. I am not alone either, 63 other happy fans gave them 5 stars!

Bettona Straight Edition Pant
Bettona Straight Edition Pant

6. Consistency is hard

up notification

Consistency is especially hard when even your stupid UP24 app reminds you that you are a lagger. I work at a computer all day – it is really difficult to get those steps in and trying to stick to a routine isn’t in my DNA. That is all – just saying being consistent is hard work.

7. Every job is important

I recently locked myself out of my iPhone. I have an app on my phone for work that requires a password to get into the phone. That way in the event that it is stolen they can protect the data on the phone. Anyway I am the idiot that sets a new password and literally 40 minutes later completely forgets it. But my idiocy doesn’t stop there. Oh no, it gets better. I kept trying to get in convinced that I would remember my password. Epic failure on my part. I locked my phone for 60 minutes. When I called the help desk they had never had anyone lock their phone for that amount of time.

Here is the great thing though, the customer support was fantastic. The guy was from Boston and stayed on the phone with me for quite a while and then made sure that I was able to get back into my phone. He never once made me feel like an idiot and when I thanked him he told me how people have given him a really hard time in the past.

I am always astounded by people who treat others as less than. Every single person is important and every single job is important. We need someone to do those jobs to make the world go round most of the time. We have to remember the Golden Rule – ALWAYS. Seriously people – seriously. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had his help that day to get back into my phone quickly.

8. If you need a little pick me up – Jimmy Fallon is the answer

Okay – pretty much everything this guy says makes me laugh. If I am in a funk I have learned to just YouTube Jimmy Fallon and watch what comes up and before I know it I am in a way better mood.

Check out this #momtexts clip. I was C.L.A.H. – watch and you will know what that means.


9. Last, but not least, having someone believe in your more that you believe in yourself is incredibly flattering.

My dad and I were talking and he said, “You should put that in your book. People will really relate to that.” I haven’t even started my book and I am not sure that I will ever write one, but he is convinced that I will and that is one of the greatest feelings in the world to have someone else believe in me that much.

I wish you all a person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself,


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