Cheer Day 20

I know, I know it is February and I am finally finishing up our Holiday Cheer. I just wanted to give this one in person so I was waiting until I could actually see her.

Cheer Day 20Today’s recipient is a young woman who fell in love with someone with her whole heart and gave him everything she had. She followed him across three different states and believed in him more than he believed in himself. Eventually they married and had a little girl. After their daughter was born things unraveled.  So this young mama moved home (which is one of the hardest things she ever had to do) and then even more difficult ended her marriage.

The beautiful thing about this young woman becoming a mother is that she embraced motherhood completely and learned that she had to love herself so that she could set a good example for her daughter.

She teaches at a preschool and is on her way to becoming a credentialed educator. But most importantly she believes in herself more than she ever has before. I am so proud of her growth and the strength that she has shown through her struggles.

I am glad that we could give her a little extra cheer to let her know that she has a village of people behind her, cheering for her and believing in her. Thank you all for helping make this gift possible.



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