I hung up on a telemarketer

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One thing I absolutely dislike to do more than anything is talk on the phone. Those of you that I talk to on the phone probably don’t know this, because well I talk to you. I usually use my cell phone and only talk to a select few and I never answer our land line – okay almost never.

Today a private number came up and I thought it was my in-laws as they are the only private number I answer. But NO;  just my luck it was a TELEMARKETER!

So, I have a difficult time with telemarketers because I know they are just trying to make a living, but at the same time if I wanted to buy their product I would be calling them. I know they are just doing their job and trying to put a roof over their head and food on the table so I do my best to be compassionate.

If I answer the phone for a telemarketer (usually it is just because it is my misread of the caller ID), I am always kind and polite. I listen to their pitch, I let them know politely that we are not interested and thank them for their offer and wish them luck. I even take most of those over the phone surveys.

Today, however, went a bit differently than the regularly scheduled telemarketer call. This woman started talking to me like she knew me. She asked about my holidays and what my plans were this weekend. Which of course I did not tell her anything at all that specifically related to anything about my holidays or my weekend. She then went into describing the door to door salesman that combed our block 3 months ago and how I probably met him. Which I did not because that is another thing – I don’t answer my door to anyone I don’t know. Sorry, if I don’t know you I am not answering it. Plus this is my no soliciting sign out front.

You should really get one –

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So anyway, she rattles on about her company and how they offer a free quote to check your stucco for a special coating thing they put on it. I kindly tell her we are not interested.

Her – “Well our guy will be out there tomorrow are you going to be home.”

Me – “No, thank you we are not interested.”

Her – “So are you going out doing sports with the kids or taking back Christmas gifts. You should be back by 4 or so right.”

Me – “No thank  you we are not interested at this time. Thank you for the call.”

Her – “Definitely by six if he came by you should be there right?”

Me – ” No thank you, we are not interested. Good luck with your calls.”

Her – “You know the quote is free and it doesn’t cost you anything. We will just stop by for a bit. You don’t want to pass this up. He will be by after four.”

Me – “I have told you we are not interested, no we don’t want a quote.”

Her – pause , stammering, “We will be by to give you a quote, its free and it will only take a minute.”

Me – click

I hung up. I couldn’t believe I was so rude.

I know that they want to keep selling; that is their job to get you to yes. I get it. I am in sales, but that aggressive we are coming to your house whether you want us to or not is just too much for me. I don’t like not being heard. When a sales person talks over you and demands that you try their product they are just way too pushy and won’t ever get my business.

I know kindness matters and hanging up is awful – I did feel bad, if that counts. If you are a telemarketer and you don’t want to read my blog any more, that is okay I understand.

I came downstairs to tell my husband about the call and he said he only says no once and hangs up. I guess since I talked to her for so long that makes me less rude. Maybe?

Oh well, I am just being my imperfect self, hanging up on a telemarketer.

Write to you tomorrow –


P.S. If you come over you might want to bring thin mints.

4 thoughts on “I hung up on a telemarketer

  1. I agree with Michelle. Sometimes too much is too much. Whatever the pitch, there are some key elements. 1. You have to deliver value. 2. People do business with people they know, like and trust. If you do not develop a relationship first, you can’t convey value. Someone taught me, everything starts with being personal. Quick telemarketing calls can’t fill this void and never fell sorry. 99% of these calls don’t measure up to what we do with sales. It is ok to say no. Love you!

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