What’s it all about anyway?

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Exactly two years ago I decided to become the best version of myself because I wanted to be the kind of grown-up I want my children to become. Most of my life has been spent wishing I was more like this or had more of that. Or wishing I hadn’t done or said something stupid. Mostly I wanted to choose happiness and find joy even though I was mostly AFRAID. That is how this little bloggity-blog got started.

I needed to have a way to hold myself accountable and to track both the successes and failures on this journey to what I call “LIVING OUT LOUD”. I always wanted to be a writer and so naturally blogging it out seemed to be a pretty good idea even though I was mostly AFRAID. Afraid because I am not grammatically correct (it’s like politically correct, just with grammar), run-on sentences are a specialty of mine, and I love inventing random new words. I figured since this journey was about being authentic and wide open writing something imperfectly fit even more wonderfully.

Plus, I figured if I wrote it down and shared my stumbles and triumphs that I could help others like me. LIVING OUT LOUD is scary, hard work and I can’t be the only one who wants to do this better…there must be more of us out there…at least I think there are. And so this blog was born.

I want it to be a place you can visit and know that motherhood, marriage, love, courage, fear, food, hair, clothes, and everything else will be discussed with complete authenticity – out in the open. And maybe, just maybe that would not only help me be the best version of myself, but help you all, too.

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4 thoughts on “What’s it all about anyway?

  1. I love that you live out loud. You have grown so much in the last two years. You are that something special Michelle. Proud of you. Love you!

  2. Thank you so much for this post. Everything you described is exactly where I’m at right now at this point in my life (especially that quote at the very top). And your reasons for starting your blog are the same as my own!

    Thanks for sharing :).

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