Holiday Cheer Wrap up


I wanted to just say thank you – thank you for your nominations, thank you for your help delivering gifts, thank you for reading our stories, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making this all possible.

A special thanks to Alyssa Wagner (check out her Facebook site here). She was an amazing help. Alyssa left our online show open for extra days, she promoted it to her networks, she held a live show last-minute and then donated a good part of her commission to help with sign supplies and shipping, and tax on the purchased items. If you need anything Stella & Dot please consider Alyssa as your stylist – she is amazing, generous, and wonderfully kind.

Thank you to Kris Friebel. She was fantastic as our Pampered Chef consultant. (Check out her Facebook page here). She helped boost our shows sales by adding an order to it from one of her friends. She helped us reach our 25 gifts with this addition. Please think of Kris if you need anything Pampered Chef.

Thank you Rebecca for surprising me with a Holiday Cheer gift of my very own. I love my handmade scarf and homemade relish and I love you so dearly. You are a great friend.

Thank you, Janet for helping me get started on our signs. Your craft savvy and helping hands made our signs possible. I adore you and am so grateful for your friendship. You are a wonderful friend.

Thank you all! I so appreciate all you did to make this happen.

Hugs –


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