Cheer Day 25

Cheer Day 25 brought cheer to a young woman who suffers from depression. I know that fiend all too well and was glad that this particular person would get a bit of holiday cheer. She is also someone who needs reminders that she is loved and supported and this was a great way to let her know that she is.


She absolutely loved her “We can do hard things sign.” She said she is taking it to work and putting it on her desk so she can look at it everyday.

I also picked out a bracelet special for her, she is not a jewelry person, but she loves rainbows.


I am so glad that we could bring holiday cheer to so many and I am glad that I still have two of our gifts to deliver I will keep you posted on those deliveries as well.

Hugs and Thanks to you –


One thought on “Cheer Day 25

  1. Thank you Michelle for helping us all. This was a fantastic idea. You are a very special person and you show us all every day … we can do hard things!

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