Cheer Day 23

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Mothers always give of themselves, sometimes so much so that they leave nothing for themselves. The recipient of Cheer Day 23 is an extremely hard-working mom of 3. Her children are 16, 21, and 24 but they all still live at home. This particular mama leaves the house sometimes before dawn and always returns after dark. Her husband works nights so they rarely have time together.

She is always delivering gifts to her neighbors – flowers and plants for all. She leaves box tops in my mailbox because she knows I have school age children and she wants to continue to do her part to help the schools. She is always doing helpful little things around the neighborhood.

Most of all I know she is an amazing person because she has AH-mazingly kind, and sweet children. Her daughter watches our dog and always just offers to do it. She walks her and plays with her. Her two older children work hard while putting themselves through school. They always stop to say hi, whether we see them out in the neighborhood or out with their friends.

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I wanted this recipient to have a little something for herself. I wanted her to know that her kindness was noticed and that she was appreciated. Above all I wanted her to know that her goodness shines through her children.

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I am so glad that we could give a little holiday cheer to recognize someone who always gives kindness to others day in and day out. Thank you for helping me acknowledge her.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa



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