Cheer Day 22

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Most of our gifts were delivered just when they were needed. Today was no different. I had spent time with this recipient a few days before the gift was delivered and learned of how her water heater had just gone out and how her car had broken down and needed costly repairs. She has also had a house guest for months that was only supposed to be there a week and it is wearing on their family and their house.

This particular nominee is someone very dear to me. She is kind, generous, open and warm to everyone she meets. Her laugh is contagious and she brightens any room she enters. She is a mama to a beautiful 4-year-old little girl and is praying and waiting patiently for baby number 2 who she hopes will soon make an appearance and join their family.

Our recipient is also down on herself these days. It was perfect timing to deliver this holiday cheer and let her know loved she is.

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I also felt that our gift was very fitting.


A little good luck charm is a great gift for her right at this particular moment. I think that it will also always remind her that there are people out there that love her and are always cheering for her and that most of all have her back when she needs it most.

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