Cheer Day 16

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Holiday Cheer Nominee for Day 16 is another amazing mama, Beth. Beth has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome, who also happens to be in remission. She had Leukemia and this year finished Chemotherapy. Beth met the person who nominated her at a photo shoot for Everyone Plays. Kelle Hamptom defines the event on her blog as, “Everybody Plays is a marketing campaign created by a mama within the Infantino company and carried out by a number of incredible individuals.  Infantino and Step 2 have committed to recognizing that every child is unique and special, and they celebrate that fact in their marketing which includes photos of children of all abilities.  Simply put, Everybody Plays.  I’ve been honored to photograph this 2-day event every year since it began and, in doing so, have met some extraordinary families. “ You should definitely read the blog post by Kelle Hampton, you can see photos of Beth and her daughter. Read the blog post by clicking here.

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I love that Beth was nominated and the gift that our dear friend purchased for her – the You are my Sunshine necklace. People like Beth and her daughter are my kind of Sunshine. Shine on Beth and thank you for making the world a better brighter place.

I received a forwarded note from Beth about our gift and thought I would include it:

“What a beautiful gift you are!!! Thank you for the incredible package!!! Who painted the canvas, it’s awesome and hanging proudly in my kitchen so I can see it all day!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!”

Thank you all for making this possible – once again LOVE WINS, KINDNESS MATTERS and EVERYBODY PLAYS!



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