Cheer Day 14

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Holiday Cheer Day 14 belongs to a woman who gives hope and inspiration to all those around her. She was nominated by someone who believes her to be a woman of “beauty, grace, soft-spoken strength, and kindness.” Our nominee, who wishes to remain anonymous, recently earned her Master’s Degree in addition to her credential.  She did all of this in addition to raising two girls, ages 5 and 1.  She was diagnosed with a very rare kind of bone cancer this spring and underwent surgery to remove the tumor.  Her recovery was beyond, beyond brutal and challenging. She had to endure a long period of bed rest, but she willed herself across the stage in May to receive her Master’s Degree at her graduation ceremony.

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Thankfully, she is currently in the clear, but unfortunately the kind of cancer she had often recurs, each time more aggressively than past episodes.  Our nominee will have to get scans every three months to continue to check and make sure that she is in fact, cancer free. In the words of the wonderful soul that nominated her, “in the meantime she is just trying to live her life without letting the fear of ‘what if’ bog her down.  She is an inspiration to me and I just love her so much.”

photo 4(4)Our nominee is another great, living, breathing example of “we can do hard things.” I truly hope this gift brought her some extra strength.

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